Company is such a cold word.

Blueflash is an experience, interwoven with your entire wedding journey, there each step of the way to ensure that your memories and hours of preparation are preserved the way you want them to be for all the years ahead.


We are a team of people that love weddings, the people involved in them, and working together with you to make it as awesome as possible. We also have fun. A lot of it. That’s what happens when you love what you do.


Let’s get together. We want to hear about you, your wedding, your interests, and what gets you out of bed in the morning.


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Britt Kosiba – Studio Manager | Client Love

Britt Bio Photo - Event Planner

When I got married my husband and I had a shockingly small budget. I was so worried that our wedding would be terrible and sad because of that restriction. A couple of weeks later while building barn doors for my ceremony, I found myself with an orbital sander in hand, a reckless smile on my face, and a new passion in my heart. I adore all things wedding! My professional experience, however, is in human resource administration – and while weddings and HR administration seem like the most unrelated topics, it makes me the ideal studio manager!


I am the kind of person that puts sticky notes on my sticky notes, and I never leave the house without my planner. I am the email queen and the calendar conqueror. I keep the wheels spinning behind the scenes here at Blueflash, so our amazing creative team can do what they do best – capture every beautiful moment.


When I’m not sending love to our incredible clients? I can usually be spotted with my husband drinking coffee, singing James Taylor at the very top of my lungs, or scoping out a sweet picnic spot. Jesus is my Savior. Problematic projects are my bread and butter. I cannot wait to make your experience magical and easy.


Matthew Celeste – Photographer

Matt Bio

I started Blueflash back in 2009 out of a desire to create a photography studio that could provide brides and grooms with simple, romantic, and modern imagery from their wedding day. I believe that wedding photography should be an experience, not a product. This philosophy drives every Blueflash decision and determines the direction of the company.


I am unashamedly self-taught, honing my skills with thousands and thousands of shutter presses. As far as formal education, I have a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a minor in physics, giving me more than a solid handle on the technical end of photography.


When I’m not photographing people, places, or things, you can find me hanging out with my wife and my two little dudes. I love creating, building, and inventing. I learn by reading and doing. I am driven, determined, and love problem solving. I like math. I like physics. I might be a nerd. I love brainstorming with creative people. I enjoy making grand plans on how to take over the world. I play guitar, drums, a little bit of piano and bass, and used to be quite the trumpeter throughout grade school. I am genuine and speak my mind, even when it’s disadvantageous. I am sometimes opinionated and stubborn, but not so stubborn that I won’t change course for the sake of improving. I love my family. I have a deep faith in God. My left brain and right brain fight all the time. I am honored to work alongside some very talented people that help make Blueflash what it is. I love running Blueflash, creating artwork for brides and grooms, and being a part of one of the most important days of your life.


Emily Gamble – Photographer

Emily Gamble Bio Photo - Lead Photographer

I am a storyteller. I write, but beyond that, and perhaps because of that, I look for the stories in the places I go and the people I meet.
I am a creative. Nothing is more refreshing to my soul than a project, a paintbrush, or a drive with Ella Fitzgerald. My hands, my eyes, my mind want to express wonder.


I am also an adventurer. Maybe this makes me a little weird, but I treat my days like adventures, to chase down real life. I am drawn to the things and the people and the moments that make me feel the thrill of being alive.


Because of all this, I am a photographer. Through a simple lens, which at one time was nothing of importance to me, I now get to tell stories, create artwork, and crash the most remarkable adventures.


And without a camera in front of my face? Well, I am summer born in every way. I think the best days start with iced coffee, are infused with country music, and end with a little bit of Grey’s Anatomy. I love Jesus with my whole heart. Mornings and solo dance parties make me feel like I can accomplish anything. Barefoot is the best means of transportation, and maybe too often I embark on midnight drives to the ocean with my ridiculous friends. Rules make me sad, family makes me happiest, and working for Blueflash is kind of like my golden ticket.


It is so unbelievable to me that I get the opportunity to wander through the moments with you that will undoubtedly send chills down your spine, perhaps bring overwhelmingly happy tears to your eyes, or break you into shameless and unstoppable dancing- your alive moments. This day is your dream come true, but it is also mine, because all of my passions come together right here.


Brian Arnold – Photographer

Brian Arnold Bio Photo - Photographer

Originally I started working on my bachelor’s degree in ‘Cinema and Video Production’. It was pretty common for cinema majors to minor in photography and I was no exception to that. After just my first photography class I was hooked! A couple semesters later I decided to switch to Hallmark institute of Photography and pursue a career primarily in photography.


I strongly believe that it’s necessary to continually explore new ways to creatively shoot. I never want to find myself doing things the same way ten years from now as I’m doing them today. I also believe that every photograph should have a candid element to it. Every photo should express the natural emotion of the subject and convey the energy of the moment.


Photo related things aside, I’m a pretty simple guy. I’m involved in my local church, love to exercise, skateboard, read books, and make cool things out of recycled wood. I’d rather be exploring an unfamiliar park or restaurant in my town than sitting inside watching a movie. I’ve been overseas a few times and I love to travel! My musical tastes are sometimes unpredictable – I often go from rap to folk to bluegrass all in the same car ride. I hope to be able to roll all that together and create unforgettable images from your wedding day!


Kearsten Lambert – Photographer

Kearsten Lambert Bio Photo - Photographer

I’ve been a shutterbug as long as I can remember, but as I grow older my passion for portraits has skyrocketed. After high school I decided to get serious and attend the New England School of Photography in Boston. It has been the most challenging and highly rewarding 2 years of my life, and I wouldn’t trade the experience or education for the world.


I truly believe that photographers have the ability to see the beauty in someone who might not see it in themselves, and to reveal that to them through photos is one of the most incredible gifts. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Blueflash team. Their creativity, ingenuity, and drive are inspiring and infectious!


I am a photo maker, avid coffee drinker, Christ seeker, compulsive knitter, crepe enthusiast, and corgi addict. I am an advocate of dancing in the kitchen to some crazy vinyl, Sherlock marathons in blanket forts, and blasting worship music in Wade the minivan. My goal is to be positive, creative, encouraging, to make compelling photographs, to seek God with all my heart, and to throw kindness around like confetti.


Dan Lacroix – Cinematographer

Dan Bio Photo

I’m a pretty simple guy. If i’m not editing a video, you can usually find me playing the guitar or eating. I love going to church and sometimes making all sorts of videos with my friends. I’m a little nerdy. I go crazy when Canon comes out with a new camera, but something like the Patriots winning the Super Bowl doesn’t do much for me.


Top Gear is my favorite TV show. If you haven’t watched Top Gear, go watch Top Gear. I’m a quiet fellow, not really the outgoing type, but I’m still fun (I think). I love video, and while I might not have a degree in film, I’ve spent countless hours behind cameras as well as behind the screen in post processing. I’d like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at it. Every video I make is the result of all my best efforts because this is what I am most passionate about. For that reason, I usually end up wide awake at three in the morning obsessing over all the little details that no one else would ever even notice. That’s great for you though, because soon enough I will be working into crazy hours of the night for your video, piecing together some of your life’s best moments and producing a film that you’ll be able to look back on and relive your wedding day for years to come.


Nathan Gomes – Cinematographer

Nathan Gomes Bio Photo - Cinematographer

Growing up as the youngest of three in a male-dominated house, I was quickly exposed to sports, rough housing, and the act of turning literally anything into a fierce competition. Although while I still believe that baseball is one of the most beautiful things in this world, I knew quite early that I had other interests and passions besides athletics. I had a more eclectic and vast knowledge of music than anyone I knew, I demanded to operate the camera on any ridiculous video we made, and I was always the person who was requested to tell the story or joke, regardless if I was even involved in it.


For me, film is an art that is truly an amalgam of every other art form and is therefore a craft in which all of my passions are intertwined. It is why I made the choice to leave my hometown in Narragansett, Rhode Island to go to college in rural Virginia at James Madison University, where they provided the enticing School of Media Arts & Design. I eventually graduated from “SMAD” with a concentration in Digital Video & Cinema and a minor in Music.


Capturing footage of a spontaneous, candid moment is one reason why I love what I do. It is also the reason why, when shooting a wedding, I usually like to leave the directing to one of our talented photographers, leaving me free to roam and capture the subtle moments that you may not necessarily remember, but undoubtedly contribute to the beautiful experience that is your wedding.


Caleb Lindsey – Cinematographer | Bluecube Operator

Caleb Linsey Bio Photo - Bluecube Operator

I’m a little bit of a nerd. I don’t think you’d be able to tell right away though. Something my friends always laugh about is how I’m not really afraid to express my interests (which usually are sort of creative or strange) but at the same time still manage to fit in with just about anyone. I’ve gotten pretty good at skateboarding and Taekwondo. I like things that demand a physical and mental challenge but there’s still that side of me that loves reading comics, seeing every new movie that comes out, or passing up on sleep to finish some sort of art piece. I have this part of me that loves nothing more than to go somewhere exciting and to do fun things and with a lot of people, but at the same time I have a passion for going off on my own and creating something unique.


I’ve spent a lot of my time writing scripts for comics or even more so for film. I always have a new story running through my mind. I’ve been told that the look I get on my face when I’m thinking isn’t too inviting. I’m working on that. I like to think I maintain a calm and logical perspective on life. I can credit most of that to both being taught early the importance of my faith as well as from practicing martial arts. I love the book of Proverbs and observing historical leaders. Taekwondo has taught me what it’s like to have something powerful but discipline it into a quiet and kind strength.


With Blueflash I’ve entered new environments and met interesting people. I enjoy this very much because it fuels my inspiration. I love watching all kinds of people at different events turn into beautiful pictures and videos all the while taking part in someone else’s idea of a fun but creative time.


Abby Lindsey – Bluecube Operator | Uplighting Queen | Drone Pilot

Abby Bio

I find explaining myself difficult because I’m somewhat contradictory. I went to school to go into the medical field but still long to get my hands messy creating. I’m a people person, but only if I’m well fed. I’m a learner. I could never acquire enough certifications, but I’m also desperate for the abstract. On my bookshelf, Tina Fey’s autobiography sits next to ‘This Side of Paradise’. My life is a messy dwelling place somewhere between the left and right brain. However, if all these elements were merged, I am in essence what I’ve always wanted to be – an explorer.

Since the beginning I have been so enticed by discovery. This more than likely fueled my national geographic job application at eight years old. They never got back to me. However, even with that rough rejection, all that is yet to be discovered is still being scribbled into the notebook I take everywhere. Road trips yet to be ventured, cardboard castles yet to be built, classes not yet aced, ideas not yet even fully born get me buzzing with more energy than the multiple iced coffees I down a day. Yes, I’m a regular at a chain. Whatever it is that makes you feel alive is what I’m after. That’s what makes me hike the blue ridge mountains with members of a Papa New Guinea Tribe, paint with my movie soundtracks soaring out the always open windows, scour Groupon for white water rafting deals, and pour my unruly ideas into my church.

I’m a lot of things. A scientist with a paintbrush inventing something wild in the woods. I’m a brain that can’t make up its mind. I am one person intent on exploring the endless possibilities. Right now, this exploration I live has stumbled me into your after party, standing by so you can go wild and live a little too.

Tara Celeste – Wife Extraordinaire

Tara Bio

Hi! I’m Tara and I’m Matt’s wife, an indispensable member of the Blueflash team not only because I put up with my husband’s crazy hours and even crazier ambition, but because I’m the one behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly. On any given day I may be writing ad copy, scheduling shoot times, culling photos, gathering props, or scouting out locations. You might say that I’m the quality control officer – I’m Matt’s sincerest critic, always pushing him to make that great shot of you just a little bit better, but I’m also his biggest fan, excited to see every new collection of images.

When I’m not working you’ll probably find me at the playground with our five year old son Ezra and our two year old Finn, in the kitchen baking chocolate chip cookies, at my sewing machine with an unfinished quilt in my lap, reading one of the many books that are piled high on my nightstand, or planning a party or DIY project.


Along our adventures we’ve picked up a few awards. The truth is that the most satisfying reward is a happy bride and groom. Even better is when they write to us afterwards (which you can read some of on the raves page). With that said, we are particularly proud of our WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Awards. This is our seventh consecutive since 2011 and is given out based on how many perfect reviews a vendor gets each year. It means a lot because it’s our brides and grooms rating their experience with us. We have over one hundred five star reviews. We’re not bragging, but we are psyched about that!