Melissa and David | Eolia Mansion Wedding

We hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Let’s start this week off with a look back to Melissa and David’s Eolia Mansion wedding! Matt and Emily took care of photography, Caleb brought the Bluecube, and Britt was the wedding coordinator!


Melissa spent the morning getting pampered at the Hyatt Place Mystic with all her favorite ladies! With just the right amount of eyeshadow, and the perfect placement of the last bobby pin, it was time to put on the dress! All of the bridesmaids helped the bride step into her stunning gown. It was the perfect finishing touch to her bridal glow! Now that everyone looked picture-perfect, Melissa was on her way to surprise David with a first look! David saw his beautiful bride at Eolia Mansion at Harness State Park. These two gushed over each other for a few minutes while we took a few pictures, but after that, our next stop was the wedding ceremony!


Melissa and David got married at St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Church with all of their loved ones in attendance. With the change of precious vows and a kiss to make it official, the two became man and wife! The love birds lead their guests over to Eolia Mansion for the celebration! (Eolia Mansion at Harkness State Park in Waterford, CT is one of the most beautiful spots we can imagine. You should visit.) After a delicious feast, everyone stopped by the Bluecube for a little bit of silliness and then it was time to hit the dance floor! The newly weds and their guests were all out of their chairs and on their feet to dance to the traditional greek dances with everyone in high spirits!


This was such a fun wedding to be apart of, thanks for inviting the Blueflash team along for your very special day! Best of luck to the happy couple! Be sure to check out the highlights from their wedding day below!



Eolia Mansion Wedding - First Look on the stairs

Eolia Mansion Wedding - Bridal Party in the Gardens

Eolia Mansion Wedding - Flowers By Semia Bouquets

Eolia Mansion Wedding - Bride and Groom with Flowers

Eolia Mansion Wedding - Bride and Groom Portrait

Eolia Mansion Wedding - Kiss under the tree

Eolia Mansion Wedding - Kiss in the gardens

Eolia Mansion Wedding - Escort Cards Pine Arch

Eolia Mansion Wedding - Sword Arch

Eolia Mansion Wedding - Flowers by Semia

Eolia Mansion Wedding - Dancing

Eolia Mansion Wedding Placecards

Bobotas Family | RI Family Photography

Once in awhile we come across a Blueflash Dynasty Family. I made that term up, but the Bobotas clan definitely falls into that category. We were a part of three Bobotas weddings. This family is great – they are genuine, loving, and just plain nice people. It’s been such an honor and a pleasure to be involved in some of their most important days. Getting to have another to do some family photography for them was a total bonus.

A Great Family Makes Great Family Photography

One of the couples lives in Japan, another in Alaska, so it’s not all too common when they get to be together. I arrived at the Cranston household and we began with traditional photos out front of everyone together and all the various sub combinations. Once we got that taken care of everyone headed into the backyard.

Coffee was brewed and they set up a game (the name of it totally escapes me) to play. I grabbed candid photos of everyone interacting and having a good time playing this game that they were so, errr, passionate about. Let’s just say it got competitive.

I think the photos of that part of the day really reflect who this family is, how much they love each other, and their love of having a good time with one another. This is family photography at its best; not because of what we did behind the camera, but because of who they are. A strong and loving family is one of the best things in life and they are lucky enough to have it.

Thank you once again, Bobotas family, for letting us in on a day in the life. Wishing you all the very best in everything you do! A lot of love from the Blueflash team.


Bobotas family shoot by Blueflash Photography - RI family photos Bobotas family shoot by Blueflash Photography - RI family photos Bobotas family shoot by Blueflash Photography - RI family photos Bobotas family shoot by Blueflash Photography - RI family photos Bobotas family shoot by Blueflash Photography - RI family photos Bobotas family shoot by Blueflash Photography - RI family photos Bobotas family shoot by Blueflash Photography - RI family photos Bobotas family shoot by Blueflash Photography - RI family photos Bobotas family shoot by Blueflash Photography - RI family photos Bobotas family shoot by Blueflash Photography - RI family photos Bobotas family shoot by Blueflash Photography - RI family photos Bobotas family shoot by Blueflash Photography - RI family photos

Rachel | Conceptual Shoot

Every once in a (great) while we get to take some time to do a conceptual shoot just for the heck of it. This one is from a little while back but hasn’t made it on the blog yet. Rachel was kind enough to hang out with me one cold night in a big empty field. I brought a bag of smoke bombs, five speedlights, my camera, and a lighter. My vision for the shoot was to have everything dark except the lights, smoke, and Rachel.


After setting everything up we decided to do some photos sans smoke bombs. I figured we might as well, plus it let me get calibrated with settings and framing. I had to shine a flash light on Rachel while I locked in focus, then turn the flash light off (at which point it became pitch black and I couldn’t even see her) and then shoot the photo. The strobes were blinding when contrasted against the inky dark surround. They were, after all, pointing directly back at me.

Bring On the Smoke bombs

I was liking the look of the photos. It was time to add in the smoke bombs. I think everything gets better with smoke bombs so I figured this was a slam dunk. What I hadn’t anticipated was how difficult it would be for me to light all of them, run back to where I needed to stand for the shot, shine the flash light on Rachel, lock focus, and actually shoot the photo before the smoke was done billowing out.


You only get about 10 seconds of smoke from your typical smoke bomb. That didn’t leave a lot of time for me. I sprinted back (way back when you’re shooting at 200mm) to grab the camera and make it happen. After burning my fingers while rushing to light all the smoke bombs I started seeing some things I liked on the back of the camera.


Check out some photos from our conceptual shoot and see what you think. I’d love to get out there and do some more stuff along these lines. It’s always a matter of finding the time, right? Do you have any cool ideas you’d like to see in a photograph? Shoot us a message @blueflashphoto on Instagram or leave one on our Facebook page.


Blueflash Photography Conceptual Photoshoot with smokebombs and flashes and a girl in a field Blueflash Photography Conceptual Photoshoot with smokebombs and flashes and a girl in a field Blueflash Photography Conceptual Photoshoot with smokebombs and flashes and a girl in a field Blueflash Photography Conceptual Photoshoot with smokebombs and flashes and a girl in a field Blueflash Photography Conceptual Photoshoot with smokebombs and flashes and a girl in a field Blueflash Photography Conceptual Photoshoot with smokebombs and flashes and a girl in a field Blueflash Photography Conceptual Photoshoot with smokebombs and flashes and a girl in a field Blueflash Photography Conceptual Photoshoot with smokebombs and flashes and a girl in a field

Julie and Taylor | Glen Manor House Wedding

Hello, everyone! Let’s take a look back to Julie and Taylor’s Glen Manor House Wedding! Emily and Brian took care of all the happy couples photography needs. Caleb brought the party with uplighting.


Salon KG spent the morning with Julie and the bridesmaids making sure that their hair and makeup were absolutely perfect. Next, the ladies helped Julie step into her wedding gown! Julie wore a spectacular wedding gown from Alexanders Bridal Boutique. With one radiant bride and six beautiful bridesmaids in tow, we set off for Glen Manor House for a first look before the ceremony! Julie ascended the stairs as Taylor turned around and saw his glowing bride and was immediately filled with absolute joy! Now that the two love birds got a sneak peak of each other, it was time to ring the wedding bells!


Rustic Roots Design created incredible floral arrangements throughout the venue that made everything seem so charming! Julie and Taylor recited vows and said “I do” with all of their friends and family as witnesses. Now that our bride and groom were officially married, it was time to celebrate! Everyone followed the newly weds into the reception area for the ultimate feast provided by West Bay Gourmet! For those who saved room for desserts, they indulged in wedding cake by family friend Randi Arruda, cupcakes by A Spoonful of Sugar, and whoopie pies from Sweets by Sue. How fun is that? So many sweets, and every bit of it was delectable! After the food was completely devoured, it was time to hit the dance floor with GQ and The Lady!


Congrats to the happy couple, Julie and Taylor! Thanks for letting us tag along! Be sure to take a look at the highlights from their special day below!



Glen Manor House - Wedding Dress


Kylene and Justin | Puerto Rico Destination Wedding

We cannot believe how fast this year is going by, it’s already February! Winter is with us for another couple of months, so we’re bring back the warmth of summer with a Puerto Rico destination wedding! Part of our team had the opportunity to work with Kylene and Justin for their wedding in beautiful Puerto Rico! Matt and Emily took care of photography. Dan joined them for cinematography, and Britt was the wedding coordinator.


Kylene and her favorite ladies spent the morning getting pampered. Caridad Vidro did an amazing job with hair and makeup. After they were all ready, they helped Kylene step into her stunning wedding dress. All of the girls looked absolutely radiant! Now that everyone was dressed and ready for the big day, it was time to head to the beach to catch up with our groom and groomsmen! When Justin saw his glowing bride for the first time in her fabulous wedding dress, nothing could stop the huge smile that spread across his face. We were able to stick our toes in the sand and use the beautiful surroundings of Puerto Rico for a fun few shots of our bride and groom and their wedding party!


Now, there was nothing left to do except head to the ceremony and get married! The Hacienda Siesta Alegre was the perfect location with the most hospitable staff. Kylene and Justin said lovely personal vows in front of their closest friends and family with the sounds of the rainforest in the background. It was the perfect soundtrack to the start of their happy life together. A rainbow even made an appearance over the ceremony location! Absolute magic. Once the two lovebirds sealed their vows with a kiss, they led their guests over to the reception where the feast was unending and the dance floor was always full! Bliss Catering provided a bountiful feast, while Edgardo Ojeda and his band brought the party to life.


We are incredibly grateful to be apart of this journey with Kylene and Justin! Be sure to check out the highlights of their destination wedding in the photos and video below!



Sheena and Tommy | Providence Engagement Session

I hope this Tuesday finds you as happy and in love with life as the happy couple in this photo shoot. Take a look at Sheena and Tommy’s Providence engagement session with Emily!


Its always amazing to realize how even in this small yet wonderful state of Rhode Island, there are still some hidden gems to be discovered and explored! Well, thats exactly what Emily, Sheena and Tommy did in our lovely state capitol. We couldn’t have asked for better weather which was a huge bonus for the day. As any true New Englander can attest to, theres nothing better in the world than a fall day in our lovely part of the East Coast. Emily snapped a few pictures of the two love birds along the path next to the Providence River, and stopping in front of some beautiful architecture. After a quick wardrobe change we walked into the city where there was a bit more fall foliage to enjoy!


We had such a fun time hanging out with Sheena and Tommy! Hope you enjoy a sneak peek of their engagement shoot below!




Judy and Jean | Aldrich Mansion Wedding

Its Monday, people! We want to start your week off right, so here’s a glimpse of Judy and Jean’s Aldrich Mansion wedding! Dan and Breanna spent the day taking care of all of the cinematography needs!


Judy started this very festive day surrounded by her closest friends. Everyone was in high spirits, full of love and laughter, as they got ready for the big day! After each of the ladies finished their hair and makeup to perfection, they helped our lovely bride to step into her beautiful wedding gown. Judy wore a dazzling Pronovias Mildred wedding gown from Yris Bridal Design. She looked absolutely stunning! After snapping a few selfies, the ladies hopped into their transportation, courtesy of A-Star Limo, and took off to Rhode Island Shriners Imperial Room for the wedding ceremony! Anita Agyemang of All Party Decor transformed the ballroom into a soft and romantic dreamscape.


With all of their guests overflowing with anticipation, the bridal party got into their positions, and it was time for the main event to begin! Judy walked down the aisle to a joyous Jean where they each shared intimate and personal vows in front of their closest family and friends. Our two lovebirds were finally wed, and it was time to party! Everyone then headed straight to the Aldrich Mansion for the reception! Check the Florist created dazzling floral arrangement to adorn the already beautiful mansion. After feasting on all of the delicious food that came out of the kitchen, we indulged our sweet tooth with a treat from BianKaKes. Now that the food was gone, it was time to hit the dance floor with the latest and greatest tunes with Bim Fujah!


It was such a blast hanging out with this awesome couple on their special day! Make sure to check out Judy and Jean’s wedding video below!


Kasey and James | Chamberlain Farm Wedding

Happy Wedding Wednesday, ladies and gentlemen! We’re so happy we were able to take part of this memorable day, so lets take a look back at Kasey and James’ charming Chamberlain Farm Wedding. Nate and Cal provided cinematography on the big day!


Kasey woke up on a beautiful September day with the biggest grin on her face. She knew it was now only a matter of hours before she got to walk down the aisle to the love of her life, James! Kasey spent the morning getting primped and pampered with her best girls all around her. Once Tomasina applied the final touches on hair and makeup, all the ladies helped Kasey step into her stunning wedding gown! The bride stepped into her gorgeous David Tutera for Mon Cheri wedding gown and looked absolutely flawless! Our bridesmaids looked gorgeous and our bride was officially radiant, now it was time for Kasey and the girls to head over to Chamberlain Farms to get married!


With the help of a family friend, the floral arrangements transformed the venue into a dreamscape. Everything looked dazzling! As all the friends and family members choose their seats, the bridal party took their places. James stood at the alter positively beaming as his radiant bride walked down the aisle. The two love birds exchanged beautiful vows and sealed them with a kiss. Now that our bride and groom were officially Mr. and Mrs., it was time to celebrate! Chamberlain Farm provided a delicious array of food that quenched the appetite of everyone in company. Mike Cordiero of M.C Entertainment helped everyone end the night on the dance floor with the the best hits our past and present!


Congrats to the happy couple! Thanks for inviting the Blueflash team along for your very special day! Be sure to check out their wedding video below!


Amy and Tim | Hotel Viking Wedding

Amy and Tim | Hotel Viking Wedding


Happy Monday, everyone! We can’t think of any better way to start the week than by taking a look back at Amy and Tim’s fabulous Hotel Viking Wedding! Matt and Emily took care of all of the photography needs and Breanna showed up for some fun with the Bluecube!


The Wedding Day


Amy started out her dream day doing her hair and makeup surrounded by her favorite ladies! Once every hair was tucked into place and the last bit of blush was applied, Amy was ready to put on her wedding dress. Amy wore an absolutely stunning Stella York wedding gown from Party Dress Express. Now that hair and makeup was done and the wedding dress was laced up, Amy stepped into the perfect pair of heels and was off to go surprise Tim with a first look! Where’s the best place to surprise your future husband with a first look just before the wedding? Right along the ocean waves of course! Fort Adams made for the perfect first look setting. Amy strolled down a path that led to Tim, who wore the biggest smile as he saw his glowing bride. After exchanging a few loving sentiments, we strolled along the oceanside to snap a few pictures.


Now that everyone was dressed, ready, and surprised, it was time to get married! All of Amy and Tim’s closest friends and family members filled in the pews at Kay Chapel at Hotel Viking for the ceremony! The happy couple recited beautiful vows followed by a kiss to make everything official. Our bride and groom were now husband and wife and it was time to celebrate! Amy and Tim led their guests over to the reception area where Hotel Viking supplied a delicious feast! Everyone enjoyed the delicious desserts provided by French Confection, then headed off to the dance floor with Brian LeDac from Murray Hill Talent!


We had such an awesome time celebrating with Amy and Tim! Congrats to the happy couple! Make sure to take a sneak peek at their wedding highlights below!





Rhode Island Monthly Top Rhode Islanders 2015


Here’s a fun throwback: Rhode Island Monthly Top Rhode Islanders 2015! It may be a new year, but its never too late to look back and reminisce about some of the awesome events we we have been able to be apart of. Matt took care of photography and Cal did cinematography.


This event was held to celebrate specific members of our community: people who have strived to make our community great by generous and various contributions. Together, they have achieved incredible things such as helping to save a high school music program, creating a tool that can fight the next outbreak of the Ebola, as well as seizing the NCAA Championship! Each of the individuals celebrated at this event has shown through hard work, determination, and sheer natural talent, we can each help to make our neighborhoods a better place. It takes a lot of heart to stand up and be an example for others when it seems impossible, but luckily that’s exactly what they have done.


The event was held at the lovely Warwick Country Club. It was awesome to honor these people who we may not have met prior to this celebration but who have had an incredible impact on our community. Thanks RI Monthly for letting us participate in such a special night, and for dedicating this night to these inspiring individuals!



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