Nikki and Rick | Newport Engagement

We met up with Nikki and Rick down in Newport for their engagement photos. Rick is in the military and Nikki is a flight attendant. On top of that, they live out of state. Let’s just say they have some pretty serious schedules! Luckily the stars aligned and they were able to come to Newport for a weekend and we had their engagement session.
It was a pretty blustery autumn day in Newport, but the sun was shining and we ended up with a great morning session.
Nikki and Rick are both huge Bears fans and they brought some pretty sweet outfits to show off their allegiance for some of the photos. We walked around Thames and other downtown Newport areas and grabbed some cool shots. They were a really easy and fun couple to work with and it made me jealous that Jess was slated to do their wedding in January. More on that in their wedding blog post soon.
Ardriana came with me to assist and help out with reflectors and lights which was a big help. It was a great Newport engagement session and a lot of fun. Keep your eyes open for the blost post on their wedding soon, they had us for photography and cinematography. Enjoy the photos!

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Amanda and Christian | Castle Hill Wedding

I just have to start out by saying that I loved Amanda and Christian and I loved their wedding. Sometimes at weddings, it feels like you’re actually an invited guest, like the bride and groom are friends you’ve known for years. That’s exactly how it was with them.


They had an extremely intimate wedding at Castle Hill. There were no more than 25 guests. Only close family and friends. I like giant weddings, but there’s definitely something to be said for having a small group of the people closest to you at your wedding.


For dinner, there was only one long table that everybody sat at. How cool is that? Everybody was so relaxed. There was one best man and two bridesmaids. We did a first look on the beach at Castle Hill and then the ceremony was held at the lighthouse overlooking the bay. The weather was perfect and you could feel all the love coursing through the entire event.


Amanda and Christian live in New York but were awesome enough to make a trip back to RI for their First Viewing. I’m glad they did because we had a really cool night going through all their photos and catching up.


All the best to the two of you, and you need to move to RI soon so I can take pictures of your kids! Enjoy the photos…

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Nikki and Eric | Oceancliff Wedding

Nikki and Eric had a fall wedding at Oceancliff back in early November. These guys were a fun couple and awesome to spend the day with. Jaclyn, Dan, and myself got the invite and had an awesome time.


They got ready at the Newport Marriott, took a trolley ride over to St. Augustin’s Church where they had their ceremony, and then jumped on the trolley again to hit their final destination of Oceancliff for the reception.


Studio 539 delivered some serious flowers per usual. I love doing weddings where Christine does the flowers becuase they always look so cool. Granted, I don’t know a whole lot about flowers, but I can always tell when it’s a Studio 539 bouquet for some reason.


The band was ridiculous. The Floyd Patterson Band ripped up Oceancliff all night long. Dan and I had to keep picking our jaw up off of the floor whenever the bassist (Floyd himself) would make a run down the neck of his bass. These guys were insane musicians.


The weather wasn’t looking too promising earlier in the day, but once we hit Oceancliff, the skies opened up and the sun showed through. It was a little cold, but everyone pushed through it like champs. We were even able to sneak out on the back deck with Eric, Nikki, and some lights to make a really cool sunset image with them. I love that stuff.


Thanks for having us be a part of your day! Be sure to check out their wedding film at the top of the image stack…






Wedding Vendors

Ceremony Venue: St. Augustin’s Church

Reception Venue: Oceancliff

Floral Design: Studio 539

Catering; Oceancliff

Cake/Dessert: The Mad Hatter

Band: Floyd Patterson Band

Cinematography: Blueflash

Hair: L’elegance Salon

Makeup: L’elegance Salon

Transportation: Newport Wedding Trolley

Bride’s Dress: Allegria Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: J. Crew

Groomsmen’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

RI Monthly Super Lawyers | Green Screen Photobooth

Rhode Island Monthly hosts events throughout the year that acknowledge people at the top of their field. Each event has a different profession, and one recent one was Rhode Island lawyers.


The event was held at the Mercedes Benz dealership at Inskip in Warwick, RI. Top lawyers from throughout the state came for a cocktail hour-esque event.


We were invited along for the Bluecube. This event was before our official partnership with RI Monthly, so we were photobooth only at this point. They had asked if we could put the lawyers right on the cover of their magazine with a green screen. We said yes and made it happen. Instead of the usual Bluecube entertainment, each lawyer stood by themselves and the Bluecube placed them on the cover of RI Monthly. Instead of photo strips, a 4×6 printout of their magazine cover came out for them to take.


It was pretty cool and everybody seemed to really enjoy the green screen photobooth – so much so that we were asked to come back to the wealth manager event to do the same thing, but that’s for another blog post. Take a look at some of the photos…



Jackie and Karl | Linden Place

Flashing back to the end of summer we have Jackie and Karl’s wedding at Linden Place in Bristol, RI.  This was a gorgeous historic property where part of the original Great Gatsby was filmed.  It had very unique grounds with two beautiful people celebrating their love for each other.


My favorite part about Jackie and Karl’s wedding was the longevity dance.  If you aren’t familiar with this dance, it is were all of the married couples head to the dance floor and sit down after how ever many years they have been married.  The last couple dancing is met with love and applause.  The amount of couples still on the dance floor after 20 years, 25 years, 40 years, 50 years, 60 years and up was amazing.  I don’t remember where it ended but it brought tears to my eyes.


It was very clear that Jackie and Karl are surrounded by families that truly support and respect the value of marriage in all of the wonderful years spent and in their trials.  It was a great thing to witness.  They also had their first dance to one of my personal favorite artists, Ray Lamontagne,  and they both appreciate a good microbrew ;)


Cheers to Jackie and Karl and may their lives be blessed with great longevity, love, and of course…great beer.


– Jess

High School Senior Photography | Rhode Island

Indulge me in just this one non-wedding blog post…


We are super excited to announce that we are launching our high school senior photography division! Go check out our brand new website for it right here —> Blueflash Senior Division!

This has been a long time coming and we’re pumped at the prospect of working with a bunch of seniors all over the state to get them really awesome senior photos.


We really need your help to get the word out. I’m sure you know some high school juniors (students usually get their photos taken at the end of their junior year or over the summer after their junior year), right? Let them know that we want to have an awesome senior session with them! We also need eligible students to join The Flash (you can read about it on the site).


We definitely appreciate your help in spreading the word on this. Checkout the new senior photography website and take a look at the portfolio while you’re there. We grabbed some past senior work we’ve done to get us going, but we’re ready to add some new work to that collection!


Thanks so much – you guys are awesome!

Andrea and Chris | Greek Wedding

Ahh, my first Greek wedding. What a cool experience! I spent a lot of time on Wikipedia and other corners of the internet trying to learn as much as I could about the traditions and what to expect at the ceremony, but there’s nothing like first hand experience.


The ceremony was at the Greek Orthodox Church in Cranston, Rhode Island and the ceremony was at the Providence Public Library. Amanda and I had such a good time with Andrea and Chris at this one! It was awesome to see the how important the family is, and to see the traditional elements of the ceremony like the crowns. The party at the Providence Public Library wasn’t too shabby, either! The Bluecube came along for the ride to this one and made itself at home at the bottom level of the library.


We took photos in the city in the surrounding area of the library. There were some stormy skies brewing around but we were able to sneak in all the photos before it did its thing. Andrea and Chris, having already done an engagement session, were pros and everything went really smoothly.


We did all the family photos inside the library since it’s so cool in there. I set up some lights and we went to town with the family combos.


Had a great time with Andrea, Chris, and their families at the first viewing. It’s so awesome to get back together when everything’s over and see the pictures for the first time. Thank you guys so much for having us, it was an awesome experience! Hope you love the photos!



Wedding Vendors
Ceremony Venue: Church of the Annunciation
Reception Venue: Providence Public Library
Event Planning: Colleen Kimmel
Floral Design: Flowers by Semia
Catering: Morin’s
Cake/Dessert: Elizabeth Varr (friend of bride)
Band: Ta Pethia (Greek Band)
DJ: Peter Wildermuth
Hair: Femme Fatale Salon
Makeup: Salon KG
Officiant: Father Dean Panagos
Lighting/Rentals: Morins, Rentals Unlimited
Transportation: Rockstar Limos
Bride’s Dress: Lindee Daniels
Bridal Shop: Andria Bird Bridal, Newport RI
Bridesmaid Dresses: J. Crew
Groomsmen’s Attire: Canturberry’s

Bethany and Austin | Mount Hope Farm Engagement

I met Bethany and Austin in the early morning at Mount Hope Farm in Bristol, RI. Bethany’s mom came along, which was cool, as well as their dog. They wanted to get some photos with him in it.


As I had hoped, we caught a pretty sweet sunrise over the farm property. Morning light, in my opinion, beats out any other light, and that includes sunset. We had blue skies with lots of white cloud whisps all over the place – also known as the perfect type of sky for pictures at their Mount Hope Farm engagement.


We shot at Mount Hope Farm for a little bit and when we were finished there, we headed over to the main town area of Bristol to take some pictures closer to where Bethany and Austin actually got engaged. Between the two spots, we got plenty of photos. Looking forward to the wedding in September!



Melissa and Rob | Boston Engagement

Melissa and Rob had their heart set on fall engagement photos. They wanted to catch the New England leaves and they wanted to do it in the heart of Boston. We picked a date, and it rained. We picked another date, and it didn’t rain! We went with that one. I trekked up to Boston, found an overpriced parking spot, and met up with Melissa and Rob.


Rob was in the middle of some hectic scheduling – I think he had just gotten in from a business trip and was headed out about an hour after our shoot for another one! Luckily the stars lined up and we were able to grab an hour or two to get the photos. We walked around the Commons and the surrounding area and found plenty of good spots to shoot for their Boston engagement. The leaves were in all their orange and yellow glory still so that requirement was easily met.


There was a really awesome side street that we found (can’t remember the name, but it’s some famous/historic street so I should know what it is). We grabbed a couple shots but there were some trucks and workers cleaning it up. When I asked what was going on, they said there was a huge shoot with Timbaland earlier that day. Just missed him…


We ended up shooting into dusk and then I headed back to Cranston, where there’s not quite as much traffic. It was awesome hanging out with Melissa and Rob and it makes me want to shoot their wedding even more! Can’t wait for it. Enjoy the engament shots in the mean time.



Carrie and Peter | Pawtucket Wedding

I was really looking forward to shooting Carrie and Peter’s wedding right from the day we first got together to meet. They were such cool people (still are, for the record) and laid back and I was definitely liking their personalities. The more I heard about their Pawtucket wedding, the cooler it became.


They had their reception at The Met in Pawtucket, with their friends (The Silks) playing a rock and roll show for the party. They had the ceremony at Manning Chapel on the Brown campus and we caught some pretty nice weather that let us go wherever we pleased to take photos. They also had an unplugged ceremony, which is the best thing known to mankind.


Peter made their invitations (note how awesome they are), being a graphic designer himself. Carrie used red to pop everything and their favors were custom mix CDs for everyone. I grabbed one on the way out and it made its way into Tara’s car. Ezra promptly started to request a couple songs. One of them was “Bad Girl”. He would ask for it by saying “put on the song that I love”. Pretty funny for a sub-three year old.


Anyways, Keri came along and filled in as second shooter for us. Jaclyn was away in Florida and Amanda was at another wedding that day with Jess and Dan. Glad to have Keri along! Caleb came and brought the Bluecube. They brought some props of their own, which is always nice and keeps it a little fresh. Michael Jackson cutouts, mustaches, etc…


Everything went really well and it was a good time had by all. We’ve already put together some sweet albums for Carrie, Peter, and their parents. They opted for the metal cover on a nice little 8×12 book with rigid pages. I think it looks great. I’d love to show you some pictures of it, but it’s already been delivered and I totally forgot to shoot it before giving it away! Oh well. Enjoy, guys!



Ceremony – Manning Chapel
Reception – The Met
Event Planning – Sierra Barter
Floral Design – Studio 539 Flowers
Catering – Pranzi
Cake/Dessert – The Cupcakerie
Band – The Silks
Cinematography – Mike Gill (Circumvision)
Invitations – Peter ( – check it out!)
Hair – Lulu / Suite Tart
Makeup – Brandon Ward / Suite Tart
Transportation – Starlight Limo

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