Jess and Brian | Galilee Beach Club Wedding

Jess and Brian are some awesome people that happened to have a pretty awesome wedding.


It was a warm June afternoon and they exchanged their custom vows to each other on the beach with the ocean behind them. I could describe it more, but the wedding film and pictures would probably do it more justice.


Jess was one of the most laid back brides we’ve ever worked with. It was really enjoyable to just hang out with the both of them and be a part of their day. We can’t leave out that we may have eaten the best potato chips that ever graced this planet while we were there. Much credit has to be given to Millonzi Fine Catering for somehow creating something that you can’t stop eating no matter how hard you try.


Thank you so much to both Jess and Brian and congratulations on your marriage! We’re glad we could be a part of it!



RI Monthly Top Dentists | 2014

As official photographers and cinematographers of RI Monthly, we photograph and create recap videos for all their Best Of events throughout the year. They’re always held at Inskip dealerships in Warwick. They’re also always catered and always have live music. It’s a pretty good time. This time around I got to take pictures of my own dentist who happened to be one of the recipients of the award.


Here’s the recap video as well as some photos from the event. For the full gallery you can go here (prints and downloads can be purchased right from the gallery if you’re from one of the winning offices and you’re reading this): RI Monthly Top Dentists 2014 Full Gallery



Jen and Bob and Crew | RI Family Photography

Last we left off on the blog we found ourselves on Block Island in the summertime. Since then, we *may* have fallen a bit behind. In our defense, shooting a ton of weddings takes up most of your time and blogging tends to fall by the wayside when weighed against getting brides and grooms their photos and videos in a timely fashion.


With that said, there’s really no totally legitimate excuse to fall that far behind. One of our New Year’s resolutions is to stay current with the blog. The other one is to catch up to where we should be before wedding season gets heavily underway. So, to start us off, we’re going to pick up where we left off.


To get us started back up I’m going to reintroduce you to a fine little family that we’ve photographed before. Jen, Bob, Riley, and Avery (the newest addition). Hopefully looking at these pictures reminds you that it’s not always 10 degrees outside here in New England.


It’s always great hanging out with this family and catching up on what’s been going on with them. We also love photographing families throughout their various stages and be along for the ride as they add more little guys. Take a look at the photos and try to remember what the warm sun feels like.


SNE Bridal Show 2015 Recap

Ah yes, the Southern New England Bridal Show at the Rhode Island Convention Center. Every year it snows or rains during load-in night. Every year we go home at the end of the day with no voices left. Every year we feel like collapsing by the time we get home. But… every year we meet a ton of cool people and talk to countless brides and grooms and make great connections. So, we keep going back.


SNE Bridal Show - Blueflash


This year was no exception. However, there were some differences between this year and past years. As for positive differences, this year we had me, Emily, and Britt running the booth. It was great to have two leads and our event planner there so people could get a lot of info and get a good feel for our personalities. Turnout was also pretty good, especially considering that sometimes bad weather within a day or two of the event can sometimes cause a lot of people to stay home and drink hot chocolate.


As for a negative difference… In past years at this show you might remember (if you’ve been following along with us for a good amount of time) that we would essentially build a chalkboard room in place. It was kind of monstrous and last year the show coordinators weren’t really too thrilled with what we were doing. It also required a van to transport the panels and also my dad to come and help me build it since it was a two person job. Probably three, but that’s how we do things. This year I had the genius idea to cut the panels down into smaller panels and then hang them on one another with metal rings.


All was good when Emily and I went to set up on Saturday night. They were hanging and all the photos were mounted on it. When I went in on Sunday morning before the show they were just like I left them. I tempted fate and attempted to hang two smaller panels to the bottom, at which point the entire thing came crashing down. It was like when someone breaks a glass at a party and everybody goes silent and stares at the person who broke it. I was that guy. Fifty five minutes until show opening.


No big deal. I’ll hang them again. Three panels in and it came crashing down, this time knocking over a manikin in the booth behind us (Anthony’s House of Formals – a really great business with good people running it). They were gracious enough to roll with it. Now it’s about 30 minutes to go time. I start to panic. I don’t normally panic, I’m usually pretty calm and collected, but the notion of having a blank red curtain (standard show setup) as our booth backdrop was making me sick.


I decided to hang the top two panels only so we could at least have our logo behind us and a few small pictures. I used double rings to not have a third disaster. I got them up about ten minutes before the show opening, then scrambled to get our table set up. It was ridiculous. All’s well that ends well, though, and everything went great once it started. It wasn’t exactly how I wanted it to look, but it served its purpose and we still got to hang out with a ton of people throughout the day. The lame cell phone picture above is from Saturday night, before the big crash. We don’t have any pictures from Sunday because there wasn’t any time to stop and take a photo. I wish we did take a shot though because we put the uplights pointing up at the chalkboards and it looked pretty sweet. CHEAP PLUG – We now offer uplighting.


Overall the show was cool. We had fun, and for any of you that came by to visit us – thanks for doing that! Looking forward to reconnecting with all of you that we met at the show!

New Service | Event Planning and Design!

The other day we announced the launch of our uplighting division. For us that was already pretty awesome and exciting. Here’s part two of two of our announcements:


We are proud (and pumped) to introduce event planning, event design, and coordination! You may think we’re crazy, and that might be true, but the side benefit is that now you can get a ton of stuff in one place! The only way we’re able to offer this is because we brought a certain someone onto our team. A big welcome to Britt! She’s going to handle all the planning, design, and coordination for us. Here she is:


Britt - Event Planner


Read her bio on the about page (click HERE). She’s cool. You’ll love her. We do.


I don’t want to rehash all the info on planning, design, and coordination in this blog post. You can check out all the info right on the page dedicated to it here – Blueflash Planning and Design Page.


This is a big new adventure for us. Are you looking for someone to make your life easier? Help you plan out every detail? Do it all for you? Talk to us and we can hook you up.


So where does that leave us? One roof, five services: Photography, cinematography, Bluecube, uplighting, event planning/design/coordination. That’s enough to keep us busy for now. Tell all your friends, tell your neighbors, tell everyone. Thanks!

New Service | Uplighting!

One of our two new services starting this year is uplighting. I’ve found that a lot of people I’ve mentioned it to have responded the same way: What’s uplighting? Because of that, here’s a short description:


Uplighting is a way to transform your venue space. It can set the mood and tone of the night and stitch all of your design elements together. A picture is worth a thousand words, but we haven’t had a chance yet to deploy our uplights at any events because, well, this is the launch post so it’s pretty new.


Basically it’s a light that sits on the floor and points upward. No surprise there. The ones that we have are wireless so as to not clutter the floor and create tripping hazards for your guests. They’re LED so they last for plenty of time on a battery charge. They have red, green, blue, and amber LEDs in them. Not to get deep into color theory in this post, but with light you can make all colors from mixing red, green, and blue in varying amounts. Unfortunately the white is harsh and cold when you do that, so these lights have a set of amber LEDs which allows you to achieve a soft, warm white. Pretty cool.


Long story short, they can be set to any color imaginable.


We hope that by offering this we can save our brides and grooms from having to enlist another vendor. There’s a bit of selfishness to it as well – when a venue is lit properly, the photos and video look better. It’s a win-win for everyone. Read more about it on the uplighting page here.


Blueflash – now offering wedding and event uplighting. Interested? Shoot us a message on the contact page.

2014 | Year In Review

2014 has been an insanely crazy, awesome, incredible, ridiculous, outrageous, busy, unbelievable year.


I hardly know where to start. I think first off that a gigantic ‘thank you’ to every one of you out there that had chosen us to be a part of your wedding or event over the past year is in order. So…

Thank You

Without you we’re just a bunch of nerdy creatives sitting around drinking tea with nothing to take pictures and videos of. We maintain that we have the coolest clients in the industry (i.e. you).


Some Stats

We have had the pleasure of taking part in 82 weddings this year. Eighty-two! In one year! Let’s break it down a bit, with a comparison to the previous year:


We photographed 58 weddings (In 2013 we photographed 16)

We made 27 wedding films (In 2013 we filmed 3)

The Bluecube got invited to 46 places (In 2013 it was at 21 events)

We photographed 34 engagement sessions (In 2013 we photographed 18)


On top of all that, we did our fair share of commercial and corporate work, some family sessions, and a handful of other little random things. That is some crazy volume. We’re not bragging that we did so much work, but we are bragging that we got to meet and work with so many cool people throughout the year.


Getting married in 2015? Talk to us now! We’re already booked in 2015 more than we were in 2014!


Here’s some other numbers and milestones and fun 2014 facts:


– We went to three bridal shows

– We were on the Rhode Show (and will be again in early January!)

– We got published on a ton of blogs

– We won Weddingwire’s Bride Choice Award for the fourth year in a row

– We were RI Monthly’s Official Photographer and Cinematographer (and are again for 2015)

– We got published in a few bridal magazines (SNE Weddings, RI Monthly Engaged, etc…)

– We released our own rendition of Oh Holy Night for Christmas (missed it?! Watch it HERE)


Our Team

We had some pretty significant additions to our team this year. We’re actually still working on getting the new bios up on the site. Here’s who came on board with us in 2014:


– Abby joined our Bluecube team to help out Caleb and Andrew. You may have already run into her toward the end of 2014.

– Nate joined to double our cinema department. Now both Dan and Nate are pumping out some sweet cinematic wedding films.

– Emily joined as a new lead photographer. She’s awesome and quickly getting awesomer (I know that’s not a word). I think she’s on her way to putting me out of a job.

– Britt joined us for the so-far-unannounced event planning and design division of Blueflash. There’ll be a blog post on this in a few days for the official announcement, but all you need to know for now is that Britt is cool and now part of the crew.


I can’t even put in words how pumped I am to grow the team with these fine people. They all bring awesome talents and skills to Blueflash that will help us keep evolving and making things better.


New Stuff

We don’t really sit still for very long. With that said we’ve got two brand new services that we’re right about to launch (hint: if you snoop around the site you can find them). We’ll put out an official announcement and blog post in a few days for each of them, but for now I’ll just mention them by name.


– Uplighting

– Event planning, design, and coordination


These are some huge steps for us in our goal to really simplify the wedding planning process for our couples. The more things they can get from one vendor the easier it is on them. Less research, less vendors to interact with, less hassle. Maybe one of the biggest benefits is knowing that the bulk of your services are coming from a cohesive team that knows each other, knows how to work with one another, and has the same philosophical approach to your wedding.



As humans we’re never sure what the future will bring. We can only anticipate, plan, hope, and trust in God. I think this upcoming year will be another exciting and crazy one, topping the prior one just like 2014 did to 2013. This crazy adventure is a lot of fun and we are so appreciative of all of you that have come along with us to be a part of it at one point or another.


It’s not about all the numbers that were listed above, though it’s cool for us to look at them as a metric for growth and progress. I’d be lying if I said it weren’t. It is, however, about doing what you love with people you respect and admire. I get to do that every day, which is more than I could ask for.


Thanks 2014. Here’s to 2015. Hope you all have a great New Year!

Caitlin and Sean | Stone Beach Wedding

Emily and I headed over to Block Island not too long ago to photograph a wedding put together by Sarah Daly Events. Caitlin and Sean had their wedding on some private property on the island overlooking the beach and water. We covered a lot of ground out there and caught some pretty nice weather. Looking forward to getting out to Block Island again in the future for some more weddings!


Wedding Vendors
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Stone Beach Block Island, Rhode Island
Wedding Planner: Sarah Daly Events
Catering: Poor People’s Pub
Band/DJ: Moondance
Officiant: Gordon Crawford- Uncle of the Groom
Hair & Makeup: Jaclynn Kate
Lighting/Rentals: Block Island Gourmet
Bride’s Dress: Pronovias
Bridesmaid Dresses:
Groomsmen Attire: Banana Republic/Men’s Warehouse

Jessica and Andrew | Harbor Lights Wedding

You may remember Jessica and Andrew from their Jamestown engagement session last year and now comes time for their wedding.  I loved how this wedding was styled.  It fueled my obsession for navy blue and all things nautical.  My favorite decoration was the bride and groom anchor cake topper. Aside from the decorations, Jess and Andrew are a great couple.  It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know them throughout this past year.

They married at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Wakefield, Rhode Island.  We then went to the Plum Point Beach Club in Saunderstown for portraits.  Their reception was held at the newly redone and launched, Harbor Lights in Warwick.  Harbor Lights was a GREAT venue.  This was our first wedding with them and we were thoroughly  impressed, the bride and groom can say the same.

Cheers Jess and Andrew,


Nicole and John | Roger Williams Park Wedding

John and Nicole had a simple, yet very detailed beautiful wedding at Roger Williams Park in Providence, RI on May 25, 2014. They got married in the Botanical Gardens which was phenomenally gorgeous and their reception was at the Casino. For this post I am going to leave you with a poem read at their ceremony about their engagement.  I knew after I heard it that I wanted to re-read it, and re-read it again.  The poem encompasses John and Nicole perfectly.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



At the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum By Julie Danho O’Connell

There may be no better place to love someone
than in that courtyard, where light glides down
like a bridal train, lands among Venetian lions

and primrose, Roman mosaic and azalea. Gardner
wedded the past to the past, built a 15th-century palazzo
in America and filled it with Manet, Degas, Vermeer.

Side by side on a stone bench, you looked upon arches
and balustrades that belonged to other structures
centuries before, when your city was still marsh

and estuary. Each fragment was a diamond’s facet,
arranged to illuminate the whole. When the question
was asked, you both knew the answer, but the yes

is for always, the yes is for memory, for a moment
that will hold in time. Yours was the newest life
in the garden, feet from Persephone and Odysseus,

sculpted by those long forgotten. The idea,
Gardner said, was not to know history or artist,
but to love what we see before us. You will

return to that place again, to remember where
you chose each other, to discover how time
has altered its beauty and let it bloom anew.


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