the great kait

let’s meet at old sturbridge village. yeah, that sounds good, there’s gotta be something in that area that’s cool for a photoshoot, right? sure, cool if you like one plain building and lots of trees surrounding a big parking lot. kait was coming in from suffield, ct and i was coming out of cranston, ri. we figured sturbridge was a good middle ground. she was tired of shooting in hartford and i didn’t mind getting out of ri and trying something new. when we met up, we got into one car and did a few mile radius of the area and decided it was lame. kait suggested we go to “war-chest-er”. i thought to myself “what the heck is warchester?”. then it hit me. worcester. ohhhh, worcester (pronounced wooster).

so we were on our way. we hit the little (little is being generous) city of worcester in about twenty minutes and parked the car. it reminded me of providence, just smaller and not quite as nice. it was a good change of scenery though. while kait’s buddy nicole was doing some makeup i took a quick jog around the area and quickly found a filthy, disgusting, trash-infested alley. perfect.

i can’t resist places like this. i had talked with carol-anne of a.k.a. models about what models in this area would be looking for and she gave me some good info. her recommendation was to get a ‘commercial’ look, something you’d see in a j.crew catalog or something similar. that was mine and kait’s goal going into the shoot, but i think i might’ve failed miserably because we got derailed by other types of photos. i would like to put together a commercial type portfolio for someone, just as an exercise and to round out the blueflash portfolio. carol-anne is totally cool, check out her facebook page in the link above especially if you’re a model or in the industry. she’s got a lot of experience and advice and she’s in the middle of writing a book. ok get ready for a photo overload. here we go…

allow me to flex my amateur photoshop skills. this umbrella was a deep purple in real life. i thought it’d be cooler if it matched her shoes and belt, so that’s what i did.

i love this shot. it’s so simple, but i think it’s really cool. kind of mysterious? don’t know why i love it so much. what do you think?

if you follow my photo stream closely, you’ll probably get reminded of some shots i did with hillary while looking at this one. it’s a similar style, a little bit washed out and bright. i think it works well for female models with the right look.

kait was super cool. she wanted to get up on this ladder (it’s higher than it looks in this picture) for some shots so i climbed it first. i would’ve felt really bad if she was the test case and it fell off when she got on it. i noticed it was only held up by a little rope. not the most confidence inducing setup, but it did the trick. the doorway to the left was the back of a chinese restaurant. the kitchen staff peeked out a couple times and silently wondered what the heck was going on. we probably looked different than the typical rats and opossums that they’re used to seeing out back. why does opossum have an ‘o’ at the beginning?

this shot gives you a little more perspective of the ladder setup.

i love it when a good black and white shot falls out of a shoot. her look is perfect in this shot. she’s got that ‘there’s no way you’re gonna get my phone number. c’mon, look at me!’ look going on. cool.

this was one of the few shots that might’ve came close to fitting the ‘commercial’ goal. we had some fun with the ‘lookback’ pose. is someone calling my name?

here’s kait checking herself out. this was candid, she didn’t even know i was taking the picture. ok that’s a lie, that would definitely make this shot way cooler. unfortunately i made her walk by and do that. six times. you should’ve seen all the shots i had to throw out because i was in the reflection. at least i know i’m not a vampire.

i had a great time and i’m really happy with the shots. check out all of’em at the website. there’s 36 shots up there in total. you can also look at a subset of that album on the facebook page. what else can i plug? i guess that’s all for now. thanks for checking it out.

blame it on the earwigs

it may look like i’ve been totally slacking with blueflash, the blog, facebook, twitter, etc…

well, i kind of have been, but there’s good reason for it. i’ve been in a multi-day battle with the super frustrating earwigs that seem to think my basement is a great place to hang out. i’ve doused my foundation in chemicals, set out tuna fish cans with soy sauce and vegetable oil, squished probably close to 100 of’em, and swept up numerous earwig carcasses.

it’s hard to get things done when you have to run down to the basement every half hour to exterminate anything crawling on the wall. i’ve really read more than my fair share about earwigs the past few days and would like for them to find a new home, preferably somewhere on the west coast.

anywho, enough whining, i suppose there’s worse that could be happening. in other news, there’s a video i’d like you to watch. it’s only a few minutes long. i had gone back and forth on whether or not to post this on the blog because it’s very far from professional in terms of content, but what the heck, i think it’s pretty funny. this is me and my buddy matt hyping up a party we’re throwing this weekend for a bunch of our friends. for those of you who don’t know me, i’m the one on the left.

disclaimer to my current and future clients – i really am mature and competent when it’s time to do a job (i.e. your wedding). enjoy.


i’ve decided to open an etsy store. i alluded to the idea in my last post and since then i’ve set it up and put some items up for sale. i’m going to be adding new stuff from time to time, just shots that don’t typically have people in them. nature type stuff, landscapes, various abstract things, etc… for example:

those kind of shots are not primarily what i’m into; i really like taking pictures of people best. unfortunately, most don’t usually buy prints of other people that they don’t know to hang in their house. we’ll see what happens.

it only costs 20 cents to list an item for three or four months. etsy takes a percentage of the sale if you make it, but it’s nothing gigantic. the biggest drawback is that the word etsy is so flimsy. i hate even saying it. etsy. etsy. oh well, beggars can’t be choosers i guess. i set the prices as low as i could while still making a few dollars (i have to pay to actually get the photo printed and then it costs some money to ship it out). i priced them at fifteen dollars for an 8″x12″. do you think that’s reasonable? most on etsy were twenty dollars or more.

go visit the blueflash etsy store! here’s the address – i’ll be adding shots from time to time. please help me out by spreading the word to any friends or relatives you know that are inclined to buy photographs for their house, garage, bathroom, shed, outhouse, or tornado shelter. i appreciate it very much…

post addendum : due to comments and suggestions from a lot of people, i bumped the price to twenty. i guess i just didn’t want to come off as super greedy. i suppose there is merit to the argument that if you underprice something that it becomes less attractive to the potential buyer because it appears to have less intrinsic value. thanks for your responses and ideas.

cape cod capers

my wife and a went to cape cod the other weekend for our 2nd anniversary and her birthday combined (yes, combined, i achieved what most men assume is unachievable). we did a bunch of stuff and had large quantities of fun. we rode bikes for 10+ miles all over the place, saw a national wildlife fishery, climbed a gigantic tower, walked countless miles through towns and forest trails, saw a glass blowing shop, found ben pegg playing a homemade double-necked guitar on the street who was outrageously awesome, took pictures, found a huge population of snails near a lighthouse, ate food, and just hung around and got out of rhode island for a little bit. here’s a view from the top of the tower we climbed. on the right is a little port and out in the distance is the provincetown peninsula.

here’s the view inside the tower looking down. i was a little nervous holding my camera out to take this shot, especially because i don’t use a strap.

i took this shot early in the day and then later on that night we went into a shop where a guy was selling tons of photographs from the cape cod area. one of his shots was pretty much what you see below. i couldn’t believe this guy has an entire store of cape cod pictures and he makes a living like that. i then hatched my own devious plan based on the notion that if that guy could, why couldn’t i? i’m in process of setting up an etsy store. i just wish they didn’t call them ‘etsy’ stores, it sounds so girly. anywho, i will make an attempt to break into the print market. what the heck? it’s worth a shot. i’ll put shots like the one below into it. it can’t hurt. more about the blueflash etsy store in a later post.
we found ben pegg on the streets of provincetown. this guy was awesome, playing a homemade double neck guitar. check out his stuff when you get a chance, the guitar work is amazing. we watched him play for a good half hour and grabbed a cd of his. i took a bunch of pictures of him and i’m going to try to get in touch with him and send them over to him in case he can use them for promo stuff.

i really wanted to get a good sunset picture from the cape and rumor had it you could catch some cool ones in provincetown. well, it was cloudy and dreary after we ate dinner so we decided to head back to the bed and breakfast (an english garden, highly recommended if you go in that area) we were staying in. twenty minutes into the drive i looked in my rear view mirror and saw the clouds breaking and the sun setting. we went into emergency mode and tara found a nearby lighthouse to stop at. i grabbed a bunch of shots, here’s one below…

tara discovered a large population of snails, there had to be close to a hundred of them on the side of the walkway. i’ve never seen so many snails. i mean really, if you were a snail would you hang out on a walkway? here’s one lil’ guy, one misstep from an unfortunate death.

this tree is a ‘weeping something’, i forget what ‘something’ is (not willow). it was over a hundred years old. this picture is taken while standing inside of it. the trunk on the left is a new tree that grew from a branch of the main tree. so weird. what do trees do all day?

here’s tara using a railroad edge to practice her balance beam skills. i take her on vacation and this is the kind of thing she wants to do.

this was a water pipe at the fishery place we stopped at. there’s super long lap pool type things in the ground with so many fish in it that you can’t see the bottom. this is where they raise fish to replenish all the fresh water lakes in massachusetts. there was a sign that read ‘no fishing’.

on our way back to rhode island i spotted some kids jumping off a bridge. that caught my attention so we pulled over and i went to talk to them a little bit. here’s a cool shot of one of them doing a backflip into the marsh water below.
it was a cool vacation, we had a good time. i’m going to post more photos from the weekend in a facebook album in the near future if you’re interested.

moving pictures

as i’ve mentioned in the past, my wife and i work with the youth group at our church. since i play music, one of the things i get to do is help out with the band that we just started up a few months ago. last practice i took my camera and tried shooting some short video clips as a bit of an experiment. to carry it further i spliced them together, overlaid the music to the song they were practicing that night, and pumped out a few minutes of amateur video. here it is (hosting courtesy of my youtube page):

this was just a little practice project, but i liked doing it and i think i’m going to try to make some more shorts as a little experimental side hobby. i’m going to call my video projects ‘bluemotion’ because i love putting the word ‘blue’ in front of everything.

in other news, today we found out that our baby is going to be a boy, which is super awesome. i will continue to call him raphael. i wrote this as an appendage to this video blog post because i am trying not to turn this into a baby blog.

dinner with friends

the other night we had a few friends over for dinner. i decided to prop up my camera on a tripod and take pictures every 15 seconds for the whole night to see what it looks like when sped up to lunatic level speeds. the following is my little project’s results. watch it a few times and focus on different things each time. see if you can notice the funny happenings on the middle plate.

i will try to make more useless videos in the future using stop motion photography. i just need to think of something that would look cool. i’ll post it on the blog when i make another one. what do you think? too fast? too slow? too long? too short? boring? funny? dumb? tubular? thanks!

group effort

i hardly know where to start with this one… there were so many people and businesses involved in this shoot i had to make a separate list to make sure i included everyone. the trunkshowchic crew and i started brainstorming some ideas for a shoot to do and it quickly spiraled into something big, which is totally cool. when it all came together on the saturday morning (at 7 am, mind you), here’s who showed up:

models: seven of’em, five girls and two guys. our talent in no particular order – gabrielle, molly, viktoria, tomas, sammy, steve, and kristina. if any of you watched the miss usa pageant recently you may recognize kristina. she is this year’s miss usa rhode island. you may also recognize molly and viktoria if you keep up with blueflash photos, as i’ve worked with them in the past on other shoots. all the models were awesome and slugged through a long day. we didn’t ‘let them go’ until about 5 o’clock.

hair: an outrageously good job was done with everyone’s hair by calma salon. ashley from inbloom also helped out with hair, more about her under ‘hair accessories’. these guys worked like crazy all day to transform these models into the different looks throughout the day. great stuff.

makeup: again, calma salon dominated this department. check out their work in some of the closeup shots. they didn’t stop working behind the scenes all day. without calma doing their thing, these shots would not have looked the same. i love working with calma because they know exactly what they’re doing and they do it perfectly. check out their site if you need hair or makeup done for your wedding, event, or just day to day stuff. i won’t pretend to know much more about this topic.

jewelry: trunkshowchic and zoho couture dangled the jewels from the ladies. it’s great working with them because it really adds a lot of interest to the compositions. big thanks to these guys for letting us use their space as a home-base and having their whole inventory on hand and available to use. check out their sites if you’re even kind of maybe possibly thinking about anything shiny.

hair accessories: you may notice all sorts of wild things sticking out of people’s hair in some of the photos. those were all courtesy of ashley from inbloom, a company that makes custom hair pieces. i’ve worked with inbloom on previous shoots and it’s always great having ashley there – mainly because it increases the quantity of laughter, but i guess the hairpieces don’t hurt. really though, check out her stuff, she makes bridal clips, regular clips, kid’s clips, fashion clips, birthday clips, baptism clips, pet clips, alien clips, and pet rock clips. i might have made up a few of those categories.

styling: we didn’t want all the models to be naked because blueflash has a policy against that, so gossip boutique came to the rescue with a ton of their new stuff. having all of their clothing there made it so much easier to achieve different looks throughout the shoot and to be able to have the models in group shots have a little more consistency than if they just all brought their favorite t-shirt with them. gossip is located in wickford, ri (address is on their site). they get items from all over the world and hang’em up in their boutique for you to shop through. check it out if you’re in the area.

photography: me. hire me. the self-plug, or ‘auto-plug’ is always a little bit awkward, but i’m shameless. i will now repeat the word blueflash a few times so it gets ingrained in your head. blueflash blueflash blueflash blueflash blueflash.

locations: we shot in the trunkshowchic space, sneaker junkies on thayer street, and in tazza cafe in providence. unfortunately it was miserable weather so we didn’t get to execute the day-ending beach shoot. huge thanks to sneaker junkies and tazza cafe for letting us take over half of their places with about twenty people and studio lights while their businesses were open.

big thanks to everyone involved. i’m ready for the next one…


the other day the bluecube made an appearance at the american career fair at the gulpfish booth. gulpfish is a super cool new job search site that takes much more of a social media type approach to the job hunt.

apologies for the low-quality logo. it’s not their fault, i ripped the image off their website and blew it up in photoshop, causing pixellation mayhem. anywho…
it’s free for job hunters. once you’re signed up you can do cool things like video interviews with potential employers and have photos, videos, and audio clips of yourself and your professional accomplishments included in your profile.

gulpfish is definitely pioneering the way into the future of job hunting, poising themselves to be a leader in the new form of online job searching.

the bluecube was there so new gulpfish clients could get a professional quality photo of themselves right there on the spot and sign up for a profile. this was a little bit different of an application for the bluecube, but it was good to prove that it’s useful for other things besides outrageous party photos and crazy group wedding pictures. it does have a serious, very business-like alter-ego.

due to the type of application there won’t be a gallery posted of the photos this time around. it made me realize that the bluecube would be a great way for a large business or church or any other establishment to make a photo directory of all employees and/or members.  keep it in mind, and make sure you go sign up for a gulpfish account. it’s free. go do it.

codename: raphael

we pause the regular blog nonsense to bring you this important announcement…

my wife is pregnant.

how cool is that?

we don’t find out the gender for a few more weeks, but on october 27th (give or take a week or so) we will have our first kid!

to make it even cooler, my older bro and his wife are having their first kid only three weeks after us. it’s going to be a baby-fest in our family.

i constantly refer to our future child as ‘raphael’ and my wife constantly reminds me that there’s no way we’re naming our child that. i will use that name as much as i possibly can until he/she is born so i can get it out of my system. i was/am a big ninja turtles fan. we told our families on mother’s day by giving our moms a framed picture of the ultrasound of raphael.

really really really awesome. thanks for reading.

common occurrences

i decided to take my camera with me the other night on a walk around the neighborhood and a ride to the grocery store with my wife. there really is cool stuff everywhere. i’m going to try to do this more often; i think it’s a good exercise to find interest in the mundane, a bit of an eye training exercise. i know a lot of people take photos on their iphone or what have you, but my phone is from 1947 so it doesn’t have a built-in camera. they’re not the awesomest pictures ever taken, but there’s something about taking pictures for no reason that is a lot more relaxing than doing a model shoot or a wedding.

anywho, we hit the grocery store and picked up what i call ‘life juice’. if i don’t drink non-pulp orange juice for more than a few days, my body starts to break down and deteriorate. i can feel it in my inner soul. when i came back from our honeymoon for two weeks in italy, all i could think about when we touched down on american dirt was the bottle of life juice sitting in my refrigerator. i was weak. i was hurting. why does everyone drink warm juice in europe?

there it is, tucked away in the back corner of stop and shop – the juice mecca. all the bottles lined up every so precisely with their various colored caps signifying their different levels of pulp. tonight was a ‘simply orange’ night. how can you beat two for five?

i spotted lowe’s across the parking lot on the way back to the car, so i threw the camera on the roof of the corolla for a makeshift tripod (i guess technically the car would be a quadpod) and snapped a shot of everyone’s favorite home improvement store. pretty much anything looks cool at night if you leave the shutter open long enough.

earlier in the night we walked around the neighborhood. the sky was real cool looking, with a decent amount of clouds and some good color starting to develop toward the bottom half. i snapped the best one i could get with the least amount of obstructions in the way. there was no way for me to get a shot of the sky with the horizon and no power lines. i don’t think they’re too noticeable. i really ended up liking this one, i may get it printed and see if my wife will let me put it somewhere in the house.

the last photo stop on our wild adventure was a flower hanging off a tree in someone’s yard. thanks to that stranger for maintaining such a fine tree. in my head this picture was going to come out better than it did. it’s ok but it’s not quite what i was going for.

i realized that since i started blueflash almost a year ago that i haven’t really taken pictures just to take pictures. unfortunately, i think i’m my own worst client in terms of satisfaction. maybe i’ll give myself a refund.
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