inbloom and outwither

inbloom is a company based out of connecticut that makes custom hair accessories. my buddy ashley started it up a while back and is having unbelievable success with it already. she’s got her custom pieces in boutiques all over the country, with more and more places requesting to have them in their stores everyday.

ashley also happens to be a talented hair stylist who helped me out on a shoot with a model named molly for trunkshowchic a little ways back. i loved the work she did and having her on the shoot was a ton of fun. we’re going to working together again on the 17th for a big shoot with lots of models and i’m really looking forward to it. anyways, check out her stuff at the site. girls seem to love these things. if i had enough hair to clip things to, maybe i’d love’em too.

weddingwire and friends

i came across a website for brides called weddingwire a couple weeks ago and inquired about advertising with them. after speaking with the pleasantly bubbly salesperson, i decided to purchase the “spotlight vendor” spot for blueflash. that means that i’m guaranteed to get listed in the very top or the second to the top slot when someone searches for photographers in rhode island (you can see what it looks like when you search any zip code in rhode island here. since weddingwire is affiliated with martha stewart weddingsbest city weddings, bridal buds, and wedding aces, blueflash will be listed at the very tops of those sites too when someone searches for a rhode island photographer. i kind of like that name. weddingwire. weddingwire. weddingwire. neat.

i’m looking forward to seeing how the exposure turns out for blueflash (no photography pun intended). it was a decent sized investment to make, but henry ford once said “a man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time”. this is the first paid advertisement slot for blueflash. no wait, that’s a lie. i placed an ad on ri wedding guide but the cost was negligible and consequently so is the exposure.

the weddingwire website allows previous clients to leave reviews which is a feature i love about it. it’s also cool because there’s a mechanism that allows you to connect with other vendors. i guess it serves as a way to let people know that you’re not some weirdo business that no one can vouch for and that has no credibility. anyways, just thought i’d let everyone know what’s going on with the business end of blueflash. many thanks to previous clients who took the time to put up a review for blueflash already.

check out the ad, i’d appreciate any feedback for how to make it more attractive to prospective brides if anyone has any ideas. my wife and i are in different camps about whether there should be a photo for the ad or the logo as it is now. any thoughts?

dj vibe

vinny owns and runs the company 4zero1, a collection of dj’s that infiltrate the state of ri and beyond almost nightly. he got in touch with me because he was in need of some shots that he could use for promo material for parties and events that he’d be at, primarily out-of-state things where he’s expanding his business.
most of the shots would be used as event posters, so they would need some room for text. i tried to keep that in mind as we shot. we were down at hotel providence where vinny dj’s regularly every friday night (the room is called “aspire“). we used the balcony, stairwell, basement, and some random hallway some of the valet guys were hanging out in for photos.
i’ve been using extremely harsh lighting lately and then later in editing taking advantage of the overexposure to do some cool things. here’s an example of it in this photo, the original was really bright.
vinny’s got tentative plans to take his party to japan this summer and other crazy places. best of luck with the business and i hope the shots help him out…

tired, wet, and defeated

everyone on the east coast knows what happened. tons of rain. lots of water. very wet. i have one of those “my basement’s never gotten water in it before” basements. i can’t say that anymore. i spent just about every minute between 4:45 pm and 10:30 pm yesterday filling buckets, trash barrels, wet-vacs, glasses, vases, dixie cups, etc… with water to get it out of my house. at about 9:00 pm i got my hands on a pump thanks to my parent’s neighbors. i ran the pump from 9:30 pm until 3:30 am when i got up to check on it. the water was down to about a half inch so i shut the pump off and went back to bed. when i got up at 7:00 i had about another three inches in the whole basement.

the whole day was spent pumping and vacuuming water. as i type this blog post it’s still coming into the basement, seeping ever so deviously and spreading all over my (thankfully) unfinished cement floor. those vicious dihydrogens and their monoxide buddies hanging out together in extremely large quantities and entering my house without so much as a knock – the nerve…

here’s my hand in the water when it hit about two inches

i didn’t have any water resistant footwear, so i opted for shorts and sandals. rainwater is cold. numbingly cold. i will be showering at my parent’s house tonight because putting 220 volts to your electric hot water tank while it’s under water goes against my best judgement. here’s to sunnier days this weekend.

be my guest

today my prose and epic writing can be found on a different blog… the gleam of rose tea. hillary (the writer) was kind enough to ask me to guest blog so i obliged. head over there to check it out. after you read my guest post, take a look at the rest of her blog.

it’s a total girl-fest for sure, but that’s what girls like i guess. she’s got another blog (gleam of rose tea outfits) where she posts photos of her outfits and everything’s for sale. go figure. i’ve been thinking about posting photos of my outfits and putting them up for sale. i thought better of it when i realized that if someone bought my pair of jeans i’d be in trouble. yeah, that wouldn’t last long.

hillary’s nice. leave her a comment. follow her blog. follow mine too while you’re at it.

alright – go there now!

crazy teenagers

my wife and i work with the youth group at ocean state baptist church as leaders. it’s a pretty cool gig, hanging out with all the teenagers and whatnot. this past saturday we went over to the providence rescue mission and worked on renovating a house that they acquired. the house will be used to shelter homeless women and teach them life skills like cooking. they will also train them so they are able to get jobs and sustain themselves.

i think it’s pretty cool that this group of teens gave up the majority of their saturday to get dirty and put their sweat and muscle into a good cause like this. i took a few shots but then felt guilty that i wasn’t doing work so i put the camera down and started in on picking up demo debris.

we had some time to show off feats of strength

calling it a day

i think we need to recognize when teenagers do a good thing.
thanks guys. awesome job.

two-time use wedding dresses

finally your wedding day comes. you put on your super cool wedding dress, get married, and then…
a) throw it away
b) store it in a cedar closet so your future daughter can make fun of you when you tell her she should wear it for her wedding
c) donate it to a charity that gives dresses to less fortunate brides-to-be
d) pay for it to be professionally preserved so in thirty years you can ask yourself why in the world you paid to have such a dated part of your wardrobe stored away
e) sell it to a consignment shop
f) enter the contest below and take awesome pictures that you’ll have for the rest of your life that are unlike any other pictures you’ll ever get a chance to take

it’s your choice. should you happen to choose option f, then continue reading.
“trash the dress” has become more and more popular. i’ve yet to have the opportunity to do a trash the dress session. i’m offering a free trash the dress session to the person who responds to this blog post with the best idea for a shoot. i’ve seen a lot of photos where someone puts the dress on, stands in front of a dirty building, and calls it a trash the dress photo. i don’t buy that. see example below…

there’s nothing wrong with that, but i want something crazier. more along the lines of…

image courtesy of bridalwave

we probably don’t have to get quite that dangerous, but something where the dress actually gets trashed. i don’t know… spray paint it? at least get it dirty. let’s hear what you’ve got. leave the ideas/submissions in the comment section of this post. if you’re getting married in the next couple months or got married within the past few years and you have your dress then you’re eligible to enter. it won’t hurt your chances if you have a blog of your own and you repost this contest…

winner gets a two hour blueflash session to trash your dress.


whisper sweet somethings

what’s better than cake? how about a lot of small ones, in different flavors, colors, and wrappers? cake gets boring, but cupcakes from sweet somethings come in hundreds of different flavor combinations. sweet somethings is a local business run by rachel rosati, head baker and super cool girl. she’s finding success by breaking into the wedding industry. people are moving away from traditional cakes and toward cupcakes for their affordability, uniqueness, and variety. just look at them sitting there in the field and hanging out with each other. you never see cake being this friendly.

sweet somethings happens to have spectacular cupcake photographs. coincidentally, i happen to have sampled many of the different flavor combinations. there were supposed to be four cupcakes in the above picture, but rachel turned her back for a second and i committed cupcake homicide.

don’t judge me. you would have done the same. my wife and i had rachel do the cupcakes for our wedding a little over a year ago and they were awesome. everyone loved them and i think i ate six that night. ok, maybe seven.
they’re also extremely photogenic and very well behaved. do something different, go with cupcakes for your wedding. you’ll be glad. check out the sweet somethings website and get in touch with rachel. she gives free samples at the contract signing. i keep pretending i’m going to sign a contract and then i cancel at the last minute. she’s starting to catch on. sorry rach.

the dressing’s in the details

wedding season is pretty much upon us in all it’s glorious and chaotic fashion. i’m getting excited to get back into a regular wedding schedule and hang out with people on their most important day. i know that brides have a lot to think about while planning their weddings, like what color should the napkins be? should they have a diagonal fold or a straight one? will my future husband actually get his vows written on time? caesar salad or garden salad? should the bridal party sit or stand during the ceremony? what color shoes do i wear? what song do i walk into the reception to? these are the make-or-break decisions that a bride must make as her big day creeps closer and closer. ok, i admit, i’m poking fun a little bit, but there really are a lot of things to decide. i want to make you aware of one thing that doesn’t often get much attention: the dressing room.

if you have your photographer (can i make an unbiased recommendation for blueflash?) take photos of the bride and bridal party preperation, it can make your photos come out much better if there’s a little planning put into where the preparation takes place.

natural light. the more the merrier. use a room that has a (big) south facing window so the sun can shine in. this will give your photos a much better feel than if you’re in a dark windowless room. here’s what you don’t want the room to look like:

image courtesy of hippo
your photos might not look so nice in a room like that. also, clean up the room! if you don’t have the luxury of renting out a nice hotel room to get ready in and you end up using a bedroom in a house, pick up your room! i know i sound like your mom, but c’mon, do you really want to have photos of you getting your makeup done in your wedding dress with your dirty socks and under-roos in the background? below is another example of what you probably don’t want for an environment. clean your room, just one last time before you get hitched up.
image courtesy of
go one step further. rather than just cleaning the room, some brides will actually decorate the room a little bit. you don’t have to go totally crazy with it, but sometimes just putting around some accent things with meaning can enhance the images, i.e. some flowers, the wedding shoes can be on the floor, a note from a close relative, etc…
spend about an hour prepping the prep room, you’ll be glad every time you pull out your wedding photos for the rest of your life. it also makes the photographer’s job easier, not that i’m partial or anything…

the bluecube is triumphant

the bluecube successfully handled hundreds of guests this past saturday night at the trunkshowchic grand opening. people were lovin’ it. i’m so proud of my not-so-little bluecube. here’s a few cool images from the night…

the trunkshow party was awesome! tons of people, awesome space, a lot of fun…

it’s official, the bluecube is available for rental now. who’s going to have the coolest party? wedding? prom? check out the whole album from the night on the bluecube section of the blueflash website.

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