am i at the right place? (emily and marc’s wedding)

emily and marc recently got married at a church on the uconn campus and had the reception in a permanent tent a little further down the campus. they were both pretty cool places.

i got there a little bit early like i usually do and there was zero people there. i always have a little freakout fest when i get to where i’m supposed to be and there’s nobody there at all. i walked up to the empty church, pushed on the door and gingerly stepped inside while looking around for booby traps and security cameras.

after i took the self-guided tour, i went back outside andcalled my wife to ask her to go in my email and make sure i was in the right place (even though i check about twenty-five times before i leave the house). this is customary procedure for when i arrive to a wedding. i need to realize that i’m early and that early means nobody else is even supposed to be there yet, so it’s normal for no one to be there. anywho, emily’s parents pulled up when i had just gotten through to tara, so i hung up and felt a lot better.

things were pretty smooth from that point out. we took some cool shots around the area after the ceremony and then headed over to the reception in a nice tent that let a lot of natural sunlight in.

everybody at the wedding seemed to enjoy themselves. there was a cool little surprise on the dance floor. take a look:

yeah, that’s a back flip. he just decided to jump in the air in the middle of the floor and flip upside down. i think that was the fastest i ever brought my camera up to my eyeball and took a shot. i’m glad i caught it though. for the record, he landed it perfectly. that was a first for me to see at a wedding.

the cake was made by a friend of emily’s who does it just as a hobby. it was a pretty mean looking cake, especially for someone who just does it on the side. definitely an awesome job, check it out….

thanks marc and emily for letting me be a part of your wedding – best of luck with your new marriage and all the years to come.

nicole, craig and baby v

i had shot nicole’s baby shower not too long ago, and now it was time to do some maternity shots. we met up in narragansett, ri down at the two towers.

it was pretty windy, but i’ll take wind over rain anyday. nicole is due not too long after my wife is, which is only a little over a week from today.

i had nicole and craig stand in the middle of the road while i tried to grab this next shot. they were good sports about it and fended off oncoming cars for a few minutes.

i like how much of the tower roof got included in the shot. best of luck to nicole and craig with their birth, it’s definitely an exciting time…

dreaming of a blue wedding (kerry and mike)

it’s probably pretty clear i like the color blue, so i was pleasantly surprised when i showed up to kerry and mike’s wedding and saw all sorts of blue stuff everywhere.

the wedding was at  five bridges inn in rehoboth, ma. it was a cool venue that is on a lot of land with a big huge house that the bridal party and family get to use for 24 hours. there’s a giant permanent tent set up where the reception is held and plenty of spots around for photos.

maybe best of all was that kerry and mike decided to have the bluecube at their wedding. it seemed to be a huge hit – every time i looked over i saw people inside it and usually a little bit of a line waiting to get in. people loved it. the photos from it are on the website under the ‘bluecube’ section if you want to check them out.

i don’t know what the chances are that i do two weddings pretty close to each other and both of them have a groom and groomsmen that are big wiffle ball guys, but i would think they’re pretty low. mike and his guys just happened to have a bat and ball in the car, so out it came during the formal shots.

kerry and mike were a cool laid back couple and were surrounded by a lot of great people. they had a lobster dinner at the reception (done by cozy caterers) and a cool little cocktail hour by a pool in the back of the property. there were a lot of shots from their wedding that i really liked how they came out. i thought these two were really photogenic.

since it was hot out and i had to setup the bluecube before the wedding started, i showed up in gym shorts and an old t-shirt. i figured i’d set it up and then change into normal wedding photographer attire, but after arriving i realized that i probably didn’t inspire much confidence in anyone who saw me. i love this shot below of kerry walking down the aisle. i think all aisles should be old red brick. how cool are the blue shoes? i used to have a pair just like them.

i thought the above shot would be great if these guys ever decided to form a band and needed a cd cover. their cake(s) were awesome – they were made by johansson’s bakery and i thought they looked really cool.

an awesome job on makeup was done by blushing brides, so defnitely jump over and check out their facebook page when you get a chance. it was a great wedding and i really enjoyed it, best of luck to kerry and mike – thanks for having me…

senior deanna

deanna is a senior in the youth group at our church that tara and i work with. she’s a senior this year and needed senior photos for her yearbook and whatnot.

she told me she wanted ‘field pictures’, so we headed up to a farm in cumberland, ri that my buddy hillary used to go and hang out at all the time when she lived nearby.

well, it fit the field description. wide open farmland, some rustic stone walls, and some totally beaten down barn structures to complete the package. we went to work around the property and tried out the different areas available.

i couldn’t get her to do a shot on one of the unmanned tractors just sitting in the field. i guess i wouldn’t want to be in my high school yearbook sitting on a tractor either. maybe i would. i don’t know, i feel like high school was decades ago (it was only seven years ago for the record).

now that i’m thinking about it, this was the first senior photo session for blueflash. spread the word: blueflash does senior sessions. let me think of a promo deal… if anyone refers someone for a blueflash senior session, you can get fifty bucks off of your own. think of how many silly bands you could buy with that!

marriage at the villa

raquel and tyreak got married at the villa in east bridgewater, ma. it was a cool venue that i’ve never been to before. i liked the room that the reception was in for its high ceilings made from wood beams. the lighting was more interesting than usual, with colored up lighting all along the perimeter of the room.

the ceremony was held outdoors on a perfect cloudless sky in front of a gazebo. i saw the gazebo and was dreading the idea of raquel, tyreak, and the officiant (tyreak’s grandmother) inside the gazebo rather than in front of it. shadows are horrific when people are under a gazebo on a bright sunny day. thankfully they stood in front of it and all was well.

the villa had some cool spots for some formal shots. i think i used some areas that no one else really bothered to use. there was an entrance hall to the building that i stuffed everyone into, in front of a non-descript wall, and a little patio area right outside a preperation room.

the coordinator was very nice and had good intentions, but i felt bad when she kept suggesting the typical spots on the premises for photos and i kept saying no thanks. apparently there was a golf course that is very popular for photos, but i tend to think golf courses are better suited for golf. i mean, golfers don’t call me up asking for studio time so they can practice their putting, so why should i go into their territory to take photos? yeah that’s a stretch, i know.

anyways, i had met raquel and tyreak a while back for an engagement session at roger william’s park and have been looking forward to their wedding for some time now. best of luck in your marriage and thanks for having me at your wedding!

one guy in a roomful of girls

i had the opportunity to shoot nicole’s shower one sunday afternoon and trying to preserve some memories for her. the shower was at the crowne plaza in warwick, ri.

when i showed up i was very pleased to find a naturally brightly lit room thanks to the translucent ceiling and strong outdoor sun. it was perfect, diffused, bright light and it was a pleasant surprise to not have to throw on my flash all day.

nicole is having a baby boy sometime before christmas rolls around. we’ve got some maternity shots scheduled for later in september down in the narragansett area that i’m looking forward to.

it was a bit strange to be at a one-hundred percent female event and being the only guy but everyone was very nice, including the grandma who encouraged me time and time again to have something to eat. i asked her if she was italian because that’s what all the italian females in my family do – tell you to eat. then eat some more. then just have a little more. you don’t want to offend them, do you?

stay tuned for the maternity shots popping up on the blog at the beginning of october. thanks for letting me a part of your event…

cara and chris and extreme heat

not too long ago i had an engagement session with cara and chris out in smithfield, ri. we had plans to meet at the smith appleby house which is 1) a historical home in smithfield with some nice grounds, and 2) the place where my wife and i got married a couple years back. upon pulling into the parking lot i discovered way more cars than just our two and a nice sinking feeling set in my stomach. i jumped out of the car and immediately investigated the situation with my stealth recon moves and found a group of people down by the dock area with a whole slew of kayaks on the ground.

we were in a race against the sun setting, so i decided to just make a go of it and take our chances at someone throwing us off the property. it ended up working out; the kayakers either barely noticed us or didn’t care about us and eventually they disappeared down the river.

it was probably the world’s hottest evening. i have to admit i was sweating like an animal (do animals sweat?). we actually only ended up shooting for an hour but we got plenty of shots. none of us could really take the heat for more than that so we made a collective decision to quit.

check out more shots from their shoot on the facebook page. best of luck to cara and chris as they get married in the next couple of months. thanks for hangin’ out…

seven months of raph cooking

my wife and i went apple picking at jaswell’s farm on a recent saturday for two things – 1) her seven month maternity shoot and 2) to pick apples. we ended up getting to the farm early in the morning and it turned out to be the first day they opened the apple picking area. i’ve never seen so many apples on the trees. usually we end up going in the middle to end of the season and you need a bucket truck and an oxygen mask to get the one apple left at the top of the tree. it was actually overwhelming to have so many apples to choose from. we could’ve done it with our eyes closed.

we took some shots while we were there and then we went to crescent park in east providence to hang out in the nice weather and so tara could ride the carousel (i wasn’t allowed to because i had to take pictures). i liked a lot of the shots we got, i think this was our best little photoshoot yet.

i took this one and i love it. it’s the background on my photo editing computer. tara doesn’t like it too much. we don’t usually like the same things for some reason. anyways, i like the shadow on the ground of the belly and how raph is written in the sand right near it. i wrote raph. i wish that was his name.

here’s a few more shots. he’s almost here, we’re getting really excited.

bluecube bustin’ at the seams

kerry and mike got married this past weekend in rehobeth, ma. there’ll be more about the specifics of it in a future blog post. for now i just wanted to share a select few of the shots from the bluecube. they had both the bluecube at their wedding and blueflash shoot their wedding (a highly recommended combo). here’s me and the happy bride and groom:

people seemed to love having the bluecube there, almost every time i looked over at it there was a line of people waiting to get in there! i thought it was awesome. here’s some shots… to see’em all go to the bluecube page by clicking right here

the hurricane that wasn’t

hurricane shmurricane… earl rolled in last week and gave us a little bit of rain here in rhode island. i set up my camera for some stop motion action. this video was shot once per minute and then run back at eleven shots per second (the equivalent of seeing eleven minutes per second). it was shot over a seven hour period.

photos taken at constant exposure, so the darkening and lightening is actually what the weather was doing throughout the day.

i found it to be mildly entertaining so i thought i’d share

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