Blueflash is proud to offer the Bluecube: our super awesome wedding photobooth. Well, Bluecubes actually. They were so popular we had to make three of them! The Bluecubes were carefully hand built from the ground up to provide awesome photo quality, allow large group shots, and be totally automatic and easy to use.

The Wedding Photobooth

The Bluecubes sport studio quality lighting, a professional DSLR, a color screen for instant previews, a dye-sub printer for glossy archival quality printouts, and most importantly the ability to make grandma put on a wig and stick her tongue out.


The Rhode Island photobooth scene was a little dull so we decided to do something about it.


Photobooth image from the Bluecube


How It Works

  1. Get your friends together
  2. Make faces of choice (repeat 3x)
  3. Get photostrips


Sound too easy? There are a few steps we left out – find some crazy props to use, laugh, contort your face strangely, have the most fun you ever had at a wedding, create awesome memories for the bride and groom, and so on…


It really is as simple as that. Once you kick off the sequence, a series of four photos begins. Each of the images shows up on the screen as soon as it’s taken for everyone to see. Once the four photos are finished, two identical photostrips are printed out in full color within 30 seconds. Your guests can take both, or you can have them take one and leave one for a scrapbook album. Shortly after the event all of the photos are available on the Blueflash website for easy sharing with friends and family.


One of our Bluecubes can even text or email the photos immediately if your venue has wifi available!


Photobooth image from the Bluecube


What’s Included

  • Three hours of rental time (Extra hours are available)
  • Unlimited photos and unlimited prints for the full rental time
  • Setup and breakdown services
  • Box of props for everyone to use
  • A trained Bluecube attendant to make sure everything goes smoothly all night long
  • Event photos in an online gallery for easy sharing with friends and family
  • High-res files with full copyrights released to you


Available Extras

  • Custom photostrips (think names, dates, even a logo or monogram)
  • Custom backgrounds (inquire for details & pricing)
  • Additional rental hours
  • Specialty props
  • Guest books

Photobooth image from the Bluecube


How Big Is It?

If you can mark off a 10×10 area then we will be all set to go. That being said we’ve set up in tighter spaces and can often make it happen. If you’re concerned about space just talk to us and we can figure it out. It is “open-air” style, so everyone can see the people taking the photos while it’s happening. This is great to get others interested and involved rather than being shrouded behind a curtain.


What Does It Require From My Venue?

All the Bluecube needs to do its thing is one power receptacle within 25 feet.


Photobooth image from the Bluecube


Photobooth Prints – The Photostrip

The photos are printed on acid-free paper with a professional dye-sublimination process. What does that mean to you? It means you and your guests get quality glossy prints. The colors won’t fade over time like a home photo printer. The printer is specially made to cut the photo strips. Our attendant doesn’t sit there with a pair of scissors. Don’t laugh, we’ve seen it.


I Want It. How Do I Book It?

Great decision. Head over to the contact page and let us know. Tell us the date of your event, the location, the time, and any other good stuff you want to let us know. A $300 deposit is required to lock your date. The sooner the better since we book as far out as two years! Get to the contact page right now!


Photobooth image from the Bluecube


What’s the Damage?

Here’s the deal: We want you to have the Bluecube at your wedding or event so you and your guests can use it, love it, and have a good time. We know how much other photobooths out there go for, which is why we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that the Bluecube is only $950. At that number it’s pretty much a no-brainer. Send us an invite. We’ll be there.



Photobooth image from the Bluecube


What Else Is the Bluecube Good For?

This thing can go anywhere! Besides weddings, the Bluecube excels at any group events such as corporate parties, graduation parties, proms and dances, fraternity and sorority parties, charity events and fundraisers, grand openings, reunions, bar and bat mitzvahs, etc…