Our business consulting services could be the thing to unlock the lurking potential in your business. We leverage our many years of experience getting our own ventures off the ground, enhancing client relations, marketing in a human way, building websites and brands, making efficient processes in order to save time and money, and just general philosophical approaches and pass it on to you so you can grow your business.


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Business Consulting

Sometimes you just need a little help to get to the next level. Oftentimes some experienced advice is just the thing to get you over the challenge you’re facing. Maybe you’re at the point where you want to do a full reset, rebrand, and make a fresh go at it. Get in touch with us so we can see if our business consulting services are a good fit.


Do you love what you do? You should, but that’s another topic altogether. As much as you love it, you still need to turn a profit. That’s what will let you keep at it. Are you afraid of numbers? Allergic to metrics? Don’t like the business end of things? We love that stuff. Let us help you so you can focus on what you love.


Because we can leverage our photography, cinematography, and web development skills along with the business consulting, we can provide the complete package in house. This is a unique offering not found many other places.


Business consulting services are typically provided at an hourly rate.


Helpful Photography Resources

Learn to Light Blueflash Udemy Video Course – Our very own video course on lighting your photographs and bringing your photography to the next level. This course will take you from zero all the way to taking awesome lit photographs. It will explain step by step what gear you need, how to put it all together, and most importantly how to actually take great photographs with it. Click through to read the full description.

Photography Fundamental E-Book – We’ve put together this “learn the basics” e-book to help the aspiring photographer get the fundamentals under their belt. This should provide a solid foundation to launch off of into more advanced techniques. Learn your camera!

Blueflash Photography Information – Anytime we post a how-to or any information on photography, this link will take you to the posts. We talk about lighting setups, post-production, and even have a series mixed in there on photography basics for the beginner/intermediate photographer.

Behind the Scenes – When we do a shoot and actually take the time to document the setup, we will describe it here. Who doesn’t love a good behind-the-scenes write-up? It’s probably the best way to learn.

David Hobby’s Strobist Blog – A great resource all about off-camera flash. Learn how to light creatively and intelligently using mainly small strobe flashes and some DIY ingenuity.

Phlearn – Lots of tutorials on lighting, Photoshop, and more from multiple industry contributors. There are plenty of free ones as well as some premium content that requires payment.

Creative Live – As its name suggests, this resource deals with all things creative – photography, graphic design, cinematography, etc… A constant flow of free live workshops.