Sabrina and Cody | Newport Engagement Session

I met up with Sabrina and Cody down by the water for their Newport engagement session. We started a little ways off Thames Street to grab some photos that were more of a beach and water theme. We caught a grey day but used it to our advantage and tried taking some dramatic type shots.


Once we had enough of the beach area we took a walk through the streets near the wharfs and found some cool backdrops. We stumbled into an old shipyard and found some sweet colorful boats and some other really nice locations. After that we headed back to the place they were staying at to get their dog do a few shots with the three of them to finish off the session.


Sabrina and Cody are super easygoing and really great people. For the millionth time, we’re so lucky that when we do engagement sessions with our clients it’s like hanging out with friends with a camera in our hands. Looking forward to their wedding coming up soon in April!


Courtney and Ted | Little Compton Engagement

Courtney and Ted had asked if we could do their engagement session on some property in Little Compton. I agreed and we made plans to meet up super early. I think it was sometime before 6AM. I love when people want to do that. It shows me that they mean business when it comes to getting awesome pictures!


Anyways, I drove down there on a nearly empty tank of gas because no gas stations were open when I left my house (something like 4:45AM or a little after). I figured I could make it – no big deal. GPS took me to a closed gate at the end of the road with a sign that said all sorts of things about not trespassing. I looked at my gas tank. Dead empty. I looked at my cell phone. No service. It was just about 6AM and I wanted to call Courtney and Ted to see where exactly to meet as I wasn’t familiar with the area. Well, we’re survivors and half our job is figuring things out, so I ended up climbing a stone wall and holding my phone as high in the air as I could. Low and behold a bar of service appeared. I dialed their number and got in touch. Ted said it was fine to move the gate and drive through. I crossed my fingers and turned my key. My car turned on and I was able to get down the road to where they were. It was a little beach area off the beaten path. It was pretty sweet.


We shot all around the beach and rocks and then I was told about a diving board fixed to the top of a stone wall. Ted jokingly said he wanted to jump it (it’s something they have done in the past) and I quickly replied that I would if he did. Yes, I know, just like middle school. After the two of us went back and forth like 12 year olds, we decided to both jump it. We climbed the rock and I took some shots of Courtney pushing Ted off the ‘cliff’. We got some cool pictures. Then I set my camera up and had Courtney press the shutter button while I jumped into the water… wearing jeans. Hey, sometimes in life you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do and something like having pants on shouldn’t stop you.

Ted proposed to Courtney over a game of backgammon with custom die. That’s what those pictures are all about in case you were wondering. To make this session even more awesome, we got back in the cars and drove to Tiverton Four Corners to get ice cream (yes, at 7:30 in the morning) and take more pictures! Courtney and Ted followed me to the nearest gas station to make sure I didn’t break down and then patiently waited while I pumped gas. They’re a class act.


We already did their Hope Club wedding and that’ll be showing up on the blog in the near future. For now, some highlights from their engagement session!

Samantha and Tim | Barrington Engagement

Samantha and Tim were looking to do their engagement session down in Barrington which is a meaningful spot to them because of growing up there. Blue skies and white clouds greeted me and Emily when we showed up. We photographed around the water and on some docks and then felt like we used those spots for all they were worth.


There weren’t a lot of other spots in the area since the surrounding streets at the lake were all residential. In true Blueflash fashion we decided to walk the streets and find yards that had good things to shoot. A little bit of trespassing later and we had ourselves a well rounded engagement session. Nobody came out and kicked us off their lawn so we counted that as a plus.


We’re looking forward to these two fine people’s wedding in July. Can’t wait to watch them get married and document their day for them! See you guys soon!


Vac | Providence Headshots

In between the weddings and engagement sessions we sneak in a few other things. One of them is headshots. Whether people are putting together a look book for acting, needing some formal corporate type of photo to promote themselves in the workplace, or just need a professional photo for the hundreds of different places online that you need a photo of yourself for, we’re happy to do these types of sessions.


Vac falls into the first category. He’s appeared in some TV shows and is continuing to pursue his acting career. He wanted some photos of himself to send to casting directors so he can land his next big role. Vac and I met in Providence and took his headshots in a few different locations.


All the best to you Vac, hope to see you on screen soon!


Gabrielle and Paul | Galilee Beach Club Wedding

We had the pleasure of capturing Gabrielle and Paul’s wedding at the Galilee Beach Club. They were coming in from out of state so we took a ride down beforehand to do some scouting for them. On our trip (Emily and I went to check it out) we stumbled upon an ice cream shop and a few other good spots. When the wedding day arrived, the skies were dark grey and looking pretty menacing.


Like we do with anything like that, we just rolled with it. It helped that Gabrielle looks like she fell out of a magazine. The rain held out for awhile. During the getting ready things were dry and it even held out for first look and some creative shots afterwards. Since it was so grey we busted out some lights and made some pretty cool shots with the Newport Bridge behind them and the bay. Then it came down. Hard. We jumped in the cars and headed to our indoor location – the ice cream shop.
We bought a cone and set up a light and we were back to taking photos. We grabbed a few shots inside the shop and then packed up and headed back to the Galilee Beach Club. Miraculously by the time we got back the rain had subsided. Gabrielle and Paul decided to stick with their outdoor ceremony plan so we soon found ourselves on the beach witnessing their marriage.


The rest of the night went as smoothly as you could hope for. They had cool little details everywhere and all their guests had a great time celebrating with them. Thanks so much for having us and all the best to your married lives together!


Aly and Jon | Greenvale Vineyards Engagement

This is an engagement session for all you sun lovers out there. We were really loving the morning light feel to this session and the setting at Greenvale Vineyards was perfect to go along with that.


Aly and Jon brought along some props and we made the most of the property that was available to us. Extra bonus that we came across a blue tractor and Jon happens to love farm equipment. It’s nice when things work out like that.


Aly and Jon will be tying the knot in July this year, so be on the lookout for their wedding photos later in the summer! Some highlights from their session can be seen below.

Nicole and Steve | Providence Engagement

Nicole and Steve are not originally from RI, but they’ve been here long enough to love it and call it their home. That was part of the theme of the shoot mixed together with some high school pride, city icons, their dog, and some good people.


We hit a lot of major icons – the State House, Prospect Park, Waterplace Park, etc… The blue skies and white clouds cooperated with us. The sun was a bit harsh, but we still made it happen.


Looking forward to their wedding this year at Mount Hope Farm in Bristol, RI! Check out some highlights from their session below:

Tiffany and Frank | Engagement Party

Tiffany and Frank wanted to celebrate their engagement with lots of family and friends. Why not? So they threw an engagement party on Federal Hill for everyone to come to and enjoy the summer afternoon out in the plaza.


It was a great Sunday afternoon and it seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves. It was cool to see everyone be so loving and supportive for Tiffany and Frank. It was obvious that they’re surrounded by good people.


They asked us to photograph the party, so we were there to do it. They made us feel like family and that made us look forward even more to their wedding coming up this year. Stay tuned for their wedding photos after we photograph their day! Some highlights below for you…

Katie and Rich | Providence Engagement

Here’s a summertime engagement session to warm you up on this cold January morning. Katie and Rich met us over at Brown to start off their Providence engagement session.

I realize all these blog posts sound similar because we keep saying the same thing, but it really is true whenever we say it: Katie and Rich were super nice people and it was like walking around the city with friends during the session. It’s not our fault our clients are awesome.


Check out how bringing an outfit change to an engagement session can really add some diversity to your images. It’s the best way to double your variety. We highly recommend doing that at your own session.


Their wedding is coming up quick this July and we’re definitely looking forward to shooting it and bringing the Bluecube along for some extra fun. Keep your eyes open for their wedding once the summer gets underway! Highlights below…


Kat and Scott | Newport Marriott Wedding

Kat and Scott… This duo decided to have their wedding down by the water and boats at the Newport Marriott. We were fortunate enough to score a lot of good weather this summer for weddings and this one was no exception.


The girls got ready at the spa which is part of the Newport Marriott (and has a lot of great window light, which we totally appreciate). The guys were in a hotel room and we went back and forth to photograph both groups. Things were pretty laid back and the day flowed well.


The bridal party was game for going out on some docks and although he’ll probably never read this, I feel the need to say thanks to the guy working for one of the boat ride companies who manned the dock. I asked if we could go hang out on his dock for awhile and shoot and he as kind enough to let us out there.


We were playing with fire by being so close to the edge of the dock, but nobody ended up going in so we count that as a good day. Check out some of the bridal party photos out there – it was worth the risk!


They had the Bluecube come along and since this blog post is so late, I can report to you that they’ve already been back to the studio to pick up their wedding albums which came out awesome. They were great and we love having happy brides and grooms who can walk away with an album or two afterwards that we know they’ll enjoy for the rest of their lives. All the best to Kat and Scott and thank you for having us come along for the ride!

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