Katie’s Kids [Rhode Island Children’s Photography]

The title of this post is a bit misleading. All seven of these little guys and gals are not Katie’s, but I like the alliteration. These kids are brothers, sisters, and cousins. Katie was the one from the group who reached out to me to setup the photo session.

We met up at Goddard Park where the carousel building and the beach parking lot is on a dreary Saturday morning. Rain was threatening and the sky was a completely grey blob.

It worked out rather nicely that all the girls had bright reddish pink dresses. What a contrast to the blah-looking sky.

Blueflash is primarily a wedding photography outfit, but we definitely don’t stay confined in that box. I have to admit, when I got the email asking about a photoshoot of seven kids with ages ranging from one to seven, I felt like I was stepping out of my comfort zone. There are people out there who specialize in children’s photography and are good at it (like Steph Mills, for example). It’s definitely a whole different experience.

Thankfully these kids were awesome. They were a lot of fun, had a ton of energy, and were willing to keep a smile pasted on their face for close to an hour.

After a long (in kid time) shoot, I was finally able appease their numerous requests for the “funny face picture”. I think these will be great for all of them to look back on when they’re in their twenties, thirties, and older. Thanks for hanging out with me guys!

Aimee and Ben [RI Engagement Photography]

When Aimee had gotten in touch with me about her wedding, she told me she lived in Chicago and was planning their wedding from afar. After a few more emails I had found out that her fiance, Ben, was an old buddy of mine from high school. Rhode Island…

We headed into the financial district of Providence to do their engagement shoot. You may have noticed that I end up shooting in Providence quite a bit. It’s not a big city, but luckily I’m so bad at directions and have the worst memory on earth that each time I go there I find somewhere new to shoot. At least, new to me and my poor memory.

I’m feeling pretty confident that I haven’t shot much around the financial district. I need to practice keeping my composure during shoots. I feel like it’s borderline unprofessional to turn the corner, see an area that looks really cool, and then start proclaiming how great this spot is in mumble-speak over and over again until taking pictures in that location is over.

Aimee and Ben loosened up real fast and were super easy to take pictures of. We found this front wall of a building that was propped up by angled steel I-beams. I mean, how could I have not ever seen that before? I’ve lived here for 27 years.

I really like how these shots came out, as you might be able to tell from the more-than-usual amount of shots in this blog post.

There reception is going to be at Rhodes On the Pawtuxet over in Pawtuxet Village. I’m looking forward to it because it’s a cool little town and I’ve never shot over there before. At least, not that I can remember…

Michele and Paul At the Botanical Gardens [RI Wedding Photography]

Blueflash was back at the Botanical Gardens again for an end-of-summer wedding with Michele and Paul. You may remember them from their Providence engagement session (check out the photos here in case you missed it).

Awesome Photos for Awesome People

They are a cool Cranston couple who I think are very photogenic. I started off by going to where Paul was getting ready with his best man and hung out with them while they got ready. They’re guys, so that was only for about five minutes. After that I headed over to Michele’s mom and dad’s house which was conveniently three minutes away.

Awesome Photos for Awesome People

I have to give credit where it’s due, and a lot of the detail shots where Michele was getting ready were already “styled” by her mom when I got there. I think I might have to hire her. Her house was also probably the best looking house for photos I’ve ever come across. There was so much rustic wood and texture everywhere and the light was spilling through big picture windows and white sheer curtains making everything bright but soft.

Awesome Photos for Awesome People

Michele’s grandfather came by the house to see her in her dress since he wasn’t going to be going to the wedding. He is 97 and is still getting around on his own. I think it’s so cool to see the generations in families at events like this. I love this portrait shot of him, friendly grandfather complete with the Orioles baseball cap.

Awesome Photos for Awesome People

The ceremony and reception were at the Botanical Gardens. It was setup a lot different than the last time I shot there. It really is a cool place to have a wedding.

Awesome Photos for Awesome People

Michele and Paul had the Bluecube come along and as usual there was a line at it all night long with guests going back again and again. Have you booked the Bluecube for your wedding yet? My trusty assistant Andrew came along to hang out with the Bluecube and help setup and breakdown.

Awesome Photos for Awesome People

Awesome Photos for Awesome People

Awesome Photos for Awesome People

Thanks so much to Michele and Paul for having Blueflash (and the Bluecube) be a part of their wedding day. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures for all the years to come!

Awesome Photos for Awesome People

Awesome Photos for Awesome People

Awesome Photos for Awesome People

Here’s a few shots from the Bluecube:

Kathleen and Zach [Newport RI Engagement Photography]

Kat and Zach are a magazine-cover-ready couple getting married in June of 2013. I asked them if they had anywhere specific they’d like to do their engagement photos and Kat suggested Newport, mainly because it was fitting for Zach who is an avid sailor. I was game for that since most shoots end up in the upper half of Rhode Island.

We met down near the end of Thames on what must have been the brightest, sunniest, most cloudless day in the history of mankind. I could’ve definitely used two pairs of sunglasses, one layered over the other. It was that bright. For those that know photography stuff, I think I shot 1/4000th at f/18 with ISO100 most of the day!

Kat and Zach took it like champs though, posing and smiling and ignoring the fact that their retinas were melting. We started near the water and took some classic Newport-y type shots, complete with sailboats and bridge backgrounds. After that we headed over to the town area and walked the street looking for interesting backdrops, of which there were plenty.

There was just a tiny bit of trespassing with this shoot. We encroached just a little onto some private yacht club dock to steal a few shots, but not as bad as some past shoots where fence jumping and things like that were involved.

I’d like to take this time to make a public service announcement: When you get married, choose to do an engagement shoot with your photographer! It’s an awesome way for you and the photographer to get to know each other before the day of the wedding and it lets you get comfortable on camera.

I’m really looking forward to their wedding next year at The Dorrance in Providence.

Steph, Bryan, and Emmit [RI Family Photography]

How do I begin this one? First, a short history lesson…

Steph contacted me (what seems like) way back to shoot her maternity photos. She and Bryan were expecting their first child at the time. I then found out that Steph was a photographer herself. Then I found out that she was a good photographer herself. Then I felt extremely self-conscious and dreaded the prospect of submitting my photos to a very capable colleague. Nevertheless, I did not want to appear like a lame-o, so I agreed to do their session and we shot at the NYLO in Warwick, RI. You can read about that shoot here.

Some time after that, Steph was driving through the Dunkin Donuts drive through near my house and she spotted me and Ezra walking back home with a photo envelope from Walgreens. I was ashamed to show such poor taste in my choice of photograph printer, but in my defense it was only for a passport application and I needed the photo that day. Really! You can even read about that debacle in this blog post. Anyways, we talked for a little bit and decided to get together for dinner and be nerds and talk about photography.

They came and we had a good time and stayed in touch. Steph then had the brilliant idea of getting together to do family shoots for one another. That was awesome to me because since Ezra has been born, pretty much every picture has been of him by himself or him and Tara. I’m always on the other side of the camera. Steph was having the same problem. We met down in Jamestown one Saturday morning and started shooting. I definitely had the easier job between the two of us. Emmett was cooperative as you could hope a sub-one-year-old would be while Ezra was uncharacteristically stubborn. I think she worked some kind of miracle to pull out the amount of good shots that she did. You can see that half of the shoot on her blog.

I’m glad our paths crossed and am thankful to have some family photos of me, Tara, and Ezra while he’s still a little guy. If you’re looking for a family or child photographer, I have to step aside and tip my hat to Steph of Stephanie Pavone Mills Photography. Go check out her site and schedule a session with her right now! Of course, if she’s already booked you can always try Blueflash. I’ve heard they’re OK, too.

The Steph:

Facebook album here.

Anna and Ilya in Pomfret [CT Portrait Photography]

Anna was the winner of the Blueflash contest that happened during the Facebook page launch. The shoot was originally going to be a “trash the dress” session but then she decided against ruining her dress. I tried to persuade her otherwise, but she stuck to her guns. Instead, she wanted to stick with the fantasy/forest/green theme that she had at her wedding and shoot out in a park in Pomfret, CT with her husband Ilya.

I drove out there and we started shooting right as the rain started falling from the sky. Luckily it was really light and it ended up holding off for the rest of the time. Anna’s dress was not her wedding dress but it was still pretty wedding-y, in my opinion. The both of them ended up wading in to a lake, though I think Anna regretted her decision when she discovered a little fish that had seen better days.

There are only a couple pictures in this post because Anna has decided to essentially pull her photos off the internet in a call for privacy. You can read about her interesting decision on her blog. Thanks to her for letting me put up the couple that are here. I was pretty happy with the way the shoot came out. It had an element to it that I don’t think I’ve had in any past photos. The shoot coincided pretty closely to their one year anniversary, so that was pretty cool, too.

Thanks to Anna for her crazy online Blueflash sharing during the contest. I think we’re due for another one in the upcoming winter months.

The Aspiration Project – Sierra Barter

Awhile back I had alluded to a future project that Blueflash was going to undertake but I didn’t give much detail. Well, here is the kickoff of it all, but before we get into it I want to explain a little. Blueflash has partnered up with the PVD Lady Project to create a series of short biographies that feature women in the Rhode Island area that are doing cool things. There is a questionnaire each woman fills out and then I take their photo to go along with their story. It’s simple.

After announcing it to the PVD LP group, one of the women at Quill and Cursor talked with RISBJ (Rhode Island Small Business Journal) and got them interested in making it a regular feature in their monthly publication. Cool! I’ll also be running them sporadically here on the Blueflash blog. The first one is Sierra Barter who is the co-founder of PVD LP. I’ll let her tell you about herself below. Are you a lady in the Rhode Island area that wants to get involved? Email matt at blueflashphotography dot com and I can get you more information! Without further ado, I present to you Sierra:

What is your passion?
Organizing, interior design and styling. I love creating a space that not only is cute- but practical, too. It’s hard for me to appreciate a space that’s ONLY visually appealing- I need it to be practical and cozy, too.

What got you into it?
After I graduated college in ’09, I entered a Quarter Life Crisis. After moving back home and then back to Providence and after (finally) having a “real” job, I needed something else to fuel my creativity and focus on other than work.

What quote inspires you and why?
A year from now you will wish you had started today.” -Karen Lamb

What is your business?
Clementine Lime is an interior styling + event design company focusing on local sustainability, simplistic efficiency and design-minded organization.
www.lime-seeds.com (Blog)

What spurred the conversion from hobby to business? 
I always got this weird, fulfilling, joyful feeling after I cleaned a room or conquered a closet…I just LOVE to rerrange and organizing and shop around in my own home. I knew that not many other people got as happy to clean out a desk, so I offered to do it for them.

What are some challenges you’ve faced and how did you overcome them?
I used to have a business partner (she left about a year ago), and she did more of the event planning. Now that it’s just me, I had to focus on MY strengths and what I felt comfortable bringing to the table. I had to get my confidence back.

How long have you been in business for?
Almost three years- it’ll be our “anniversary” in November!

What’s your ultimate goal/where would you like to be in five years? 
I would love to have more clients and organize more office. Organizing is my favorite, and I love being able to help people get a better sense of where their things are and where items should be.

I am not sure where I’ll be in 5 years. Right now, I love that CL is fun and it’s not what I “have to” do every day. I love being an employed-preneur!

What’s the best advice you can give to someone contemplating turning their love into their livelihood?
Just do it – you have to try. And, don’t quit your day job right away…it takes a lot of time (and patience). Even if you’re not exactly where you want to be right away, give it time and work hard. 

WeddingWire Networking Night [RI Event Photography]

This past Monday night there was a get together at Bravo Brasserie in Providence, RI for WeddingWire vendors.

Awesome Photos for Awesome People

It was a networking event of sorts, letting local vendors get to know each other a little better. As you may know, Blueflash advertises on the Weddingwire network (storefront can be seen here). At the local rep’s recommendation, WeddingWire tapped Blueflash to be the photographer for the event. I was pretty excited and honored to be chosen as the photographer by a company that knows a trillion photographers.

Awesome Photos for Awesome People


Here’s the lovely WeddingWire crew that was on-hand at the event. It was cool to finally meet some of the people I’ve been in email and phone contact with for the last year or so:

Awesome Photos for Awesome People

By the way, if you are a bride-to-be, definitely check out WeddingWire as a planning resource. They’re probably the best one-stop place to find everything you need for your wedding.

Awesome Photos for Awesome People

The event went off really well, although I didn’t get to talk to as many people as I would have liked since I was tasked with taking photos.

Awesome Photos for Awesome People

I had a good time anyway and it was cool to get to know some other local vendors a little better. Even though it’s a small state, there’s still people to meet. There’s a lot of talented people and good businesses in RI, find’em on Weddingwire!

Awesome Photos for Awesome People

You can check out more photos from the event in the Facebook album here on the Blueflash Facebook page.

Update – Here’s WeddingWire’s blog post on the event – Click here

Awesome Photos for Awesome People

Awesome Photos for Awesome People

Matt and Kayla In Providence [RI Engagement Photos]

Matt and Kayla are good friends of myself, Tara, and Ezra. You may remember Matt and Kayla from the blog awhile back when I posted some of their engagement photos. They weren’t traditional engagement shots, but rather pictures of the actual engagement. We had all gone out to eat together and I brought my camera for when Matt popped the question. You can read about it here.

Anyways, it was time to do a regular engagement session, so we all (Matt, Kayla, myself, Tara, and Ezra – we’re big on carpooling) got in the car and went to Providence one evening.

Matt was pretty anti-get-your-picture-taken and I think it was a little more difficult than normal because we weren’t strangers. There’s something that makes it easier with strangers I think than getting your picture taken by someone you know. Anywho, after the rocky start he loosened up and things went pretty smoothly.

Kayla was pretty natural in front of the camera. Their photographer will have a pretty easy job on their wedding day. Wait, it’s not me? They didn’t even hire me?! What kind of friends are these people? I guess being a groomsman rules you out of being the photographer. It’s hard to take photos of the bridal party when you’re in it.

The weddings coming up very soon. I won’t be shooting it, but I will be bringing the Bluecube. It’ll be at the Quidnesset Country Club. It’s probably better off that I’m not shooting it since I got in trouble there at a wedding in the past. I went to shoot in some area where I wasn’t supposed to go. I got called into the manager’s office and got scolded. I already had the photos though, so the reprimand was worth it. Hopefully they don’t recognize me in a tux.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Bluecube shots on the blog when it’s over. Here’s to the wedding…

Allyssa and Steve At the Carousel [RI Wedding Photography]

Allyssa and Steve got married a few days before the fourth of July this summer. They are friends of ours that we go to church with, so their ceremony was at Ocean State Baptist Church in Smithfield, where we go.

They had their reception in the carousel building at Goddard Park. Apparently there’s no longer a carousel inside. Like everything else in Rhode Island, it’s the building that used to have a carousel in it. Regardless, it was a pretty awesome building.

Allyssa and Steve opted to have the Bluecube at their celebration which definitely provided some entertainment.

The makeup was done by my not-often-enough partner in crime Ashley Tucker, of A&L Co fame. Check out her Facebook page to see lots of face scrubs and chapsticks that are so natural you can eat them. Not that I’ve tried. Lately.

A few things happened after the ceremony that caused a delay for the bride and groom to get to the reception, so we were a little pressed for time with the photos. Hungry guests make for a hostile wedding, so you can’t keep them waiting. We ended up sneaking out for ten minutes or so after the meal to get some quiet shots of just Allyssa and Steve. I’m glad we made the little trip to get some extra photos.

Best of luck to you both and enjoy married life (and your pictures!).

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