raquel, tyreak, and roger william

raquel and tyreak are getting married this upcoming september. this past saturday we hung out at roger williams park in providence, ri and took some shots for their engagement session. roger williams is a heavily used photo backdrop so i made an effort to use the grounds some different ways so it wouldn’t look typical.

i got to the park about a half hour early so i could scope it out and find some places to use. my valiant effort of having everything planned out worked out pretty close to perfectly until the end when i tried navigating to ‘the outdoor area with a lot of flowers and the path thing that goes through it’. for the life of me i could not find one person who could point me the right way based on my clear and concise description. we ended up in the botanical gardens instead. close enough. tyreak and raquel were following me as i drove around aimlessly on my quest for the alleged outdoor flower area. i thanked them profusely for their patience with my misdirection. luckily they were really cool so the few u-turns were no big deal.

one lesson i learned that day was that sneakers and jeans season is over. it is officially shorts and sandals time. while it may not strike you as the most professional attire, i think most people would prefer it over having ‘sweaty photographer guy’ take your photos all day. weddings are another story. i’ve yet to shoot a wedding where i was allowed to wear shorts and sandals.

raquel and tyreak were laid-back and cool to hang out with so i had a good time… i’m looking forward to doing their wedding later this year. check out the facebook version of their photos so you can leave comments and then head over to their full album on the blueflash website to see all the photos from the day.

ed. laura. flexing.

ed and laura are getting married in august in smithfield, ri. they wanted to have some engagement shots done beforehand (potential invitation use), so we headed over to main street in east greenwich. we caught a bright and sunny saturday, a bit cool, and windy enough to not have to bring a hair fan. i had to use my wide angle lens to fit all of ed’s muscles in some of the shots like the one below.

i almost don’t want to share my newfound secret… the most awesomest wall is in east greenwich (with the exception of all the ridiculously good ones in guatemala). check this out:
we continued the day with more feats of strength, with ed demonstrating his ability to grasp laura between his legs while hanging on to a giant metal pipe. very romantic.
we did have a lot of fun, but we also grabbed some ‘serious’ engagement shots. here’s a few, just to prove i’m not a total goof-off as a photographer. check out the reflection in the first photo:
i really ended up liking a lot of the photos from their session. i highly encourage you to check out more of their pictures on facebook. better yet, head over to the blueflash site and check out their entire album.
ok, stay tuned – i had a huge shoot this past saturday with trunkshowchic, inbloom, gossip boutique, and calma salon. keep your eyes peeled…

gimme 30 seconds

i’m a little behind the times. i just signed up for a youtube account so i can embed videos in my blog. for starters, to get my feet wet, i made this 30 second photo collage video of my recent shoot with hillary. what do you think? i kind of like this type of video, it’s nice and short and gives a good feel of the shoot. let me know in the comments section, and keep your eye out for more video stuff from blueflash in the future. it’s on now…

by the way, this was made at animoto

hello hillary

meet hillary.

hillary is a girl who talks about girly things on her girly blog. she actually runs a couple blogs, one is the gleam of rose tea and the other is the gleam of rose tea outfits. the first blog is about stuff like decorating and the second blog is solely dedicated to what hillary wears each day and why today is a hat day and yesterday you should’ve wore a belt. obviously i don’t understand, but she has a lot of happy readers so that’s cool.

we drove through scituate, ri and just stopped where we liked how it looked. there were some ‘no trespassing’ signs in a few spots but neither of us know how to read so it was fine. i usually do high-contrast and bold colors, but for a lot of the shots in this session i backed off and took a different approach. i feel like it matched hillary’s look better and i’m more than happy with how it came out. take this next shot for example – it’s a bit washed out and soft but i think the feel of it is just right for the contrast between the little bit of the airy dress and the patched up pavement that her bare feet are walking on.

i think this next shot is my favorite one of the day. it probably won’t be hardly anyone else’s favorite, but there’s something about the way her hair fell in her face and the angle that she’s looking out at that i think is perfect. i think she looks very model-esque in this photo.

check out hillary’s blogs, follow her on twitter, and follow this link to go directly to her full album to see the rest of her photos on the blueflash site.

here’s a few more shots from the day…

mr. dan mills

i checked out my buddy from middle school and high school this past saturday night at the ri ra irish pub. i’ve never been there before, but it turned out to be a pretty cool place. it had a huge restaurant section and another part that served as the pub and live music area. i have to give ri ra a lot of credit because the sound quality was way better than i expected a place like that to be.
anyways, dan and i used to be in a band together back in high school called the ballpit kings. it was a punk-ska band that we all thought was real cool when we were sixteen. dan went on to write, record, and perform a more digestable form of music than the punk-ska noise we used to make in high school. it’s really good.

for your entertainment, here’s a real old picture of (from left to right) dan, myself, and our buddy jay playing horns for the ballpit kings circa 2002.

dan’s new record ‘fiction in photographs’ is available for free at his website. you have to download it. it’s free and better than most cds that you’d pay for in a store. there’s more photos on the facebook page if you want to check them out. i tried going for a grainy black and white feel. you like it?

dj vibe

vinny owns and runs the company 4zero1, a collection of dj’s that infiltrate the state of ri and beyond almost nightly. he got in touch with me because he was in need of some shots that he could use for promo material for parties and events that he’d be at, primarily out-of-state things where he’s expanding his business.
most of the shots would be used as event posters, so they would need some room for text. i tried to keep that in mind as we shot. we were down at hotel providence where vinny dj’s regularly every friday night (the room is called “aspire“). we used the balcony, stairwell, basement, and some random hallway some of the valet guys were hanging out in for photos.
i’ve been using extremely harsh lighting lately and then later in editing taking advantage of the overexposure to do some cool things. here’s an example of it in this photo, the original was really bright.
vinny’s got tentative plans to take his party to japan this summer and other crazy places. best of luck with the business and i hope the shots help him out…
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