Jackie and Karl | Linden Place

Flashing back to the end of summer we have Jackie and Karl’s wedding at Linden Place in Bristol, RI.  This was a gorgeous historic property where part of the original Great Gatsby was filmed.  It had very unique grounds with two beautiful people celebrating their love for each other.


My favorite part about Jackie and Karl’s wedding was the longevity dance.  If you aren’t familiar with this dance, it is were all of the married couples head to the dance floor and sit down after how ever many years they have been married.  The last couple dancing is met with love and applause.  The amount of couples still on the dance floor after 20 years, 25 years, 40 years, 50 years, 60 years and up was amazing.  I don’t remember where it ended but it brought tears to my eyes.


It was very clear that Jackie and Karl are surrounded by families that truly support and respect the value of marriage in all of the wonderful years spent and in their trials.  It was a great thing to witness.  They also had their first dance to one of my personal favorite artists, Ray Lamontagne,  and they both appreciate a good microbrew ;)


Cheers to Jackie and Karl and may their lives be blessed with great longevity, love, and of course…great beer.


– Jess

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