What?! Uplighting? I thought you guys were photographers!


We are. And cinematographers, and drone pilots, and Bluecube people, and humans. But – that’s precisely why we do uplighting! Think about it…


Photography is drawing with light, so…


As photographers and cinematographers, we love light. We love good light. Uplighting a venue produces good light that enhances photos and videos. Is it selfish of us? Not completely. Read on.


Uplighting – Great for non-photographers, too


The space that you have your wedding in is a blank slate. One of the best ways to transform it is to add color. Everywhere.


Blueflash Rhode Island Wedding Uplighting for mother son dance


Or maybe you want to keep things neutral. A muted color, warm amber, or even a white glow can totally pull the whole thing together. It’s the one element that envelops the entire space. Lighting is so important. It’s a mood setter. It’s going to set the tone for the night. It will create the energy that you want to have at your event.


Blueflash Rhode Island Wedding Uplighting at Oceancliff in Newport with bride and groom making an entrance


How does uplighting work?


Like many things in life, uplighting comes in a lot of different flavors. As with everything else we do we try to keep it as simple as possible. If you want monograms on the floor or laser light shows for the dance party then we’d have to send you off to someone else. If you want to light your space and make it look awesome, well, we’re here for you.


We have wireless LED lights that can shine any color imaginable. You can flood your place in one color or have any combination you desire. We’ve got enough to light nearly any venue so we’ve got no problem with size.


Blueflash Rhode Island Wedding Uplighting at Lakeview Pavilion for father daughter dance


Price? We thought you’d never ask. For uplighting your wedding venue with up to 24 wireless LED uplights (enough to light any venue we’ve ever come across), it’s just $950. We take care of everything. The price gets even sweeter when you get into some of our packages. Get in touch with us with the contact form and we can tell you about all the details and start planning how to make your wedding even more awesome!