We feel strongly that there’s one definitive, ideal, and cohesive way to enjoy your wedding photography: The wedding album. Even in 2017, deep into the digital age, the wedding album has endured. And it has done so for good reason. It is an unmatched experience when you physically pick up a completely custom book that has a collection of images that tells the story of your wedding day.

Digital is Dead

Well, digital isn’t quite dead, but it isn’t alive either. Digital is great for sharing with tons of people instantaneously. It’s perfect for social media. They make awesome cell phone backgrounds. The problem is that you can’t touch it. A book can always be opened, doesn’t require electricity, and never becomes obsolete. Protect your wedding photography by putting it in its rightful place.

*Note – every Blueflash couple always receives all their digital final images. We’re not anti-digital, but we are definitely pro-album!

The Possibilities Are Endless

With our fully custom albums handmade in Italy there are almost limitless options. Below are just a tiny fraction of the different configurations you can create. Different materials, colors, pages, sizes, shapes, and finishes are just some of the options available to you. We’d love to have you come by our studio to touch and feel some of our books.

This set of albums has a genuine leather cover with blind embossed text. The spine and back are suede and it has a matching suede sleeve for storage. There are also duplicate parent albums at a smaller size.



Traditional hardcover is a classic way to go for the main wedding album. Pictures at bottom are “pocketbooks” that are mini albums and make great gifts for bridal parties and guests that couldn’t make it to the wedding.


Sleek and modern, the metal paint cover is literally a piece of metal. Available in many colors it is durable and beautiful. The spine and back are “maple”, a leather like material with a distinct wood grain pattern.


The wedding album pictured first has a silk cover and is pictured in a silk presentation box. We love matching the colors of the album to the storage box for a cohesive package. The album below that has an acrylic cover with the image mounted to the back of the crystal glance substrate for a really glossy and clean look.


What can we create together for you? What will you look back on in 30 years? How do you want to present your wedding story to your kids and grandkids? A wedding album will outdo a USB drive any day of the week.