Know what’s cool? You – wanting more details about wedding photography. We’re always on the prowl for details when we’ve got cameras in our hand, so we know the feeling. Read on, and let us know if you’ve still got questions after!

Connecting With Your Photographer

Every wedding is a fresh experience for us as well as an honor and responsibility that we take very seriously. So with that said, we like to keep it light and have fun, because we’re all just regular people trying to celebrate a really good thing.


You’ve got to connect with the people that are helping to put your wedding together. Make sure you get along and make sure the personalities fit. It’s definitely not a one size fits all scenario. We get it. We’re not for everybody and that’s cool with us. But… For those of you that we’re the right fit for – it’s going to be awesome.


As photographers (and cinematographers) we’re not just providing an impersonal product, but rather taking part in an emotionally charged event and tasked with recording it so it can be relived throughout your lives. Let’s get together. We want to hear about both of you, your story, and the things you love.


Wedding Photography Beliefs

It may sound strong to talk about “beliefs” in relation to photography, but we have certain things we are pretty set on. There are some components that are essential to having the experience you deserve. Two personable and invested photographers, eight hours of coverage, getting your full resolution files (and the rights to them), and working with people that are as passionate about your wedding as you are some of them. That is why those things are standard with us.


On the other side of the adventure is the wedding album. We don’t consider our effort for your wedding to be finished until you have an album on your coffee table. Artwork on your walls doesn’t hurt, either. Yes, we definitely provide you with the digital files, but those don’t do you any good when they’re stuck on a USB drive in a drawer somewhere. We want to give you a full-service experience on the back end so you can best display your wedding photos in your home. We’ll walk you through it and give you advice every step of the way.


Lastly, we’re proud to offer our Blueflash brides a life-long perk. We know there are lots of important events that happen after the wedding day: anniversaries, the birth of a child, milestone birthday celebrations – these are all events that deserve to be documented for your family. We want to be there alongside your journey through life, helping to tell the story beyond the day you said “I do.” We offer something called “Photographer For Life” which includes an unlimited lifelong discount of 20% off all future non-wedding photography services. Let us be your photographer for life.

Wedding photography of couple kissing in front of sunset at Oceancliff in Newport, RI

Get In Touch

Head over to the contact page, get in touch, and we can set up a time to get have you come by our studio. There’s even a live chat option if you’re like us and think email takes too long. We’d love to meet you.


We’re based just south of Providence in Cranston, Rhode Island. We photograph all over little Rhody (including the Newport area), Connecticut, Massachusetts, throughout all of New England, and are available for destination weddings wherever your adventures take you.