We love this stuff. Find out why.

We are a team of people that love weddings, the people involved in them, and working together with you to make it as awesome as possible. We also have fun. A lot of it. That’s what happens when you love what you do.

Blueflash is an experience, interwoven with your entire wedding journey, there each step of the way to ensure that your memories and hours of preparation are preserved the way you want them to be for all the years ahead.


Britt Kosiba

Studio Manager | Client Love

When I got married my wedding budget was tiny. A small budget can be a scary thing, but after building barn doors for my ceremony I found myself with an orbital sander in hand, a reckless smile on my face, and a new passion in my heart. I adore all things wedding! My professional experience, however, is in human resource administration – and while weddings and HR admin seem like the most unrelated topics, it makes me the ideal studio manager!
I am the kind of person that puts sticky notes on my sticky notes, and I never leave the house without my planner. I am the email queen and the calendar conqueror. I keep the wheels spinning behind the scenes here at Blueflash so our amazing creative team can do what they do best – capture every beautiful moment. When I’m not sending love to our incredible clients? I can usually be spotted with my husband and son drinking coffee, singing James Taylor, or scoping out a sweet picnic spot. I cannot wait to make your experience magical and easy.

Matt Celeste


I am unashamedly self-taught, honing my skills with hundreds of thousands of shutter presses. As far as formal education, I have a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a minor in physics, giving me more than a solid handle on the technical end of photography.


When I’m not photographing people, places, or things, you can find me hanging out with my wife and my three little dudes. I love creating, building, and inventing. I learn by reading and doing. I am driven, determined, and love problem solving. I like math. I like physics. I might be a nerd. I love brainstorming with creative people. I enjoy making grand plans on how to take over the world. I play guitar, drums, a little bit of piano and bass, and used to be quite the trumpeter throughout grade school. I am genuine and speak my mind, even when it’s disadvantageous. I am sometimes opinionated and stubborn, but not so stubborn that I won’t change course for the sake of improving. I love my family. I have a deep faith in God. My left brain and right brain fight all the time.


I am honored to work alongside some very talented people that help make Blueflash what it is. Life has proven to be quite an adventure and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Emily Gamble


I am a storyteller. I write, but beyond that, and perhaps because of that, I look for the stories in the places I go and the people I meet. I am a creative. Nothing is more refreshing to my soul than a project, a paintbrush, or a drive with Ella Fitzgerald. My hands, my eyes, my mind want to express wonder. I am also an adventurer. Maybe this makes me a little weird, but I treat my days like adventures, to chase down real life. I am drawn to the things and the people and the moments that make me feel the thrill of being alive.
Because of all this, I am a photographer. Through a simple lens, which at one time was nothing of importance to me, I now get to tell stories, create artwork, and crash the most remarkable adventures.
I am summer born in every way. I think the best days start with iced coffee, are infused with country music, and end with a little bit of Grey’s Anatomy. I love Jesus with my whole heart. Mornings and solo dance parties make me feel like I can accomplish anything. Barefoot is the best means of transportation, and maybe too often I embark on midnight drives to the ocean with my ridiculous friends. Rules make me sad, family makes me happiest, and working for Blueflash is kind of like my golden ticket.
It is so unbelievable to me that I get the opportunity to wander through the moments with you that will undoubtedly send chills down your spine, perhaps bring overwhelmingly happy tears to your eyes, or break you into shameless and unstoppable dancing- your alive moments. This day is your dream come true, but it is also mine, because all of my passions come together right here.

Kearsten Lambert


I‘m Kearsten Lambert, a New Englander, born, raised, and based. Ever since I was 13 I’ve had a camera in hand ready to freeze time. I attended the New England School of Photography, fell in love with weddings and genuine love stories, and years later am continuing this beautiful endeavor of wedding photography.
I love a good vinyl, thick fog, coffee, a new England fall day, anything lavender scented, Del’s Lemonade, earth tones, taking adventures, my handsome man, and Jesus, my Savior. I’m an INFJ with a calm disposition and a big heart for people.
Thankful would be an understatement in how I feel to be doing this. I live for these beautiful ventures of witnessing and capturing the genuine moments of two people coming together in marriage. I love the grand scene of the special day, the quiet, close details, and everything in-between. I truly believe that photographers have the ability to see the beauty in someone who might not see it in themselves, and to reveal that to them through photos is one of the most incredible gifts.

Fred Boothman


Hey there, my name is Fred and I’ve been working with Blueflash since 2015. I am passionate about all things music, gear and live sound. I am a techy at heart and geek out about the latest stuff. Outside of music and tech stuff, I love to play sports in my spare time; however, spare time is something I don’t have in this season of my life. I am a blessed husband to my beautiful wife Leah and father to our three beautiful children. Currently I am the assistant music director at Ocean State Baptist Church. I love the Lord Jesus, for the privilege to sing and lead in music at our church and I love my family.
In college while I was pursuing my degree in Music Ministry, I would go on to take many graphic arts classes that included photography. There I found out how much I loved photography and would capture images in my spare time outside of my classes and the hockey season. Soon after graduating and getting married I found myself beginning to work under a few local photographers and really began to learn all the different aspects of the craft.
From snapping thousand of images of my beautiful family, the gorgeous landscapes that surround us in New England or perhaps even your wedding; I love capturing some of the best moments in life. For me an image is one of best ways for us to remember a special moment and memory in time. Time is precious, use it wisely and capture as many of those memories along the way. I’d love to be there to help capture those next memories for you.

Steve Figuereo

Photographer | Bluecube Operator

Hello, I’m Steve and one thing I’ve come to realize is I like to involve myself in work that 1. I’m good at, and 2. Involves interacting and being around people. I’m a Fitness Coach and a full time Graphic Arts student so I’m always finding ways to be with people and be creative.
You’ll be able to tell right off the bat I’m a people person and all about being in the moment. It’s simple: by being in the moment, honoring the occasion, and sharing the laughs, you’re able to tell a story best. I look to find meaning in every interaction. I love people, being around and celebrating moments with them. I appreciate the simple wonder of getting to know complete and total strangers and as an artist apply the right strokes to the canvass of their most memorable day through photo.
Blueflash allows me to do all this. I get to expand my creativity through the photos I take and meet the most wonderful people while sharing life’s most precious moments with them.

Dan LaCroix

Cinematographer | Drone Operator

I’m a pretty simple guy. If i’m not editing a video, you can usually find me playing the guitar or eating. I love going to church and sometimes making all sorts of videos with my friends. I’m a little nerdy. I go crazy when Canon comes out with a new camera, but something like the Patriots winning the Super Bowl doesn’t do much for me.
Top Gear is my favorite TV show. If you haven’t watched Top Gear, go watch Top Gear. I’m a quiet fellow, not really the outgoing type, but I’m still fun (I think). I love video, and while I might not have a degree in film, I’ve spent countless hours behind cameras as well as behind the screen in post processing. I’d like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at it. Every video I make is the result of all my best efforts because this is what I am most passionate about. For that reason, I usually end up wide awake at three in the morning obsessing over all the little details that no one else would ever even notice. That’s great for you though, because soon enough I will be working into crazy hours of the night for your video, piecing together some of your life’s best moments and producing a film that you’ll be able to look back on and relive your wedding day for years to come.

Dave Santilli

Cinematographer | Drone Operator

Dave hasn’t given us his bio yet. He’s a slacker but we love him anyway. Check back soon for everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Dave and more.

Andrew Belanger

Bluecube Operator | 2nd Cinematographer | Uplighting

I came on board with Blueflash several years ago as a college kid looking to try something new. So much has changed since that day but what hasn’t changed is Blueflash’s commitment to give you an awesome experience and my desire to surpass your expectations. I have an attention to detail and a constant desire to improve in my craft.
I’m a public school teacher by trade, so Blueflash gives me a great opportunity to mix up my work environment. I enjoy the experiences of working at weddings and events. What’s better than seeing people celebrate? Probably only seeing one of my students earn an A, but not much else.
When I’m not behind a camera or by a photobooth, I’m enjoying my quiet life with my wife and two daughters.

Abby Lindsey

Bluecube Operator | Uplighting

My life is a messy dwelling place somewhere between the left and right brain. I’m a people person, but only if I’m well fed. I love sitting under the stars in silence but also enjoy a crowded beach. On my bookshelf, Tina Fey’s autobiography sits next to “This Side of Paradise”. I’m a brain that never really could make up its mind. However, my faith has grounded this wandering soul. An anchor that gives meaning to my work as an EMT. It’s a catalyst for understanding how people think as I pursue my Masters in Apologetics.
I’m intent on exploring the endless possibilities life provides. Right now, this exploration I live has stumbled me into your after party, standing by so you can go wild and live a little too.

Nathan Michel

Editor | 2nd Cinematographer | Bluecube Operator

Hi! I’m Nathan! Occasionally you’ll find me operating the Bluecube or flying the drone at a wedding, but more often I’m behind a computer editing your wedding video. When I’m not creating beautiful videos that highlight all the special moments of your wedding day I’m usually behind an instrument or lacing up a pair of running shoes. I’m an artist in many ways. Whether it’s writing music with my twin brother, cooking elaborate plant-based meals, or working on some kind of visual art, the need to create is a huge part of what makes me who I am. I’m also a bit of a health nut and avid long-distance runner. I can be found running endlessly on the local bike path or fighting for the finish line of a marathon.
I pride myself in being a hard-working and driven individual. This works in your favor as I commit myself to providing you with the very best video of your wedding day, allowing you to relive those very special memories for years to come.

Tara Celeste

Wife Extraordinaire

Hi! I’m Tara and I’m Matt’s wife. You might say that I’m the quality control officer – I’m Matt’s sincerest critic, always pushing him to make that great shot of you just a little bit better, but I’m also his biggest fan, excited to see every new collection of images and how Blueflash changes and grows over the years.
When I’m not working you’ll probably find me at the playground with our eight year old son Ezra, our five year old Finn, and two year old Rory. I can also be found in the kitchen baking chocolate chip cookies, at my sewing machine with an unfinished quilt in my lap, reading one of the many books that are piled high on my nightstand, or planning a party or DIY project.