We love this stuff. Find out why.

We are a team of people that love weddings, the people involved in them, and working together with you to make it as awesome as possible. We also have fun. A lot of it. That’s what happens when you love what you do.

Blueflash is an experience, interwoven with your entire wedding journey, there each step of the way to ensure that your memories and hours of preparation are preserved the way you want them to be for all the years ahead.


Our Story

Your burning questions answered

Blueflash is a small, local team of creatives based in Rhode Island. Our roots started way back in 2010 when we began offering wedding photography. We have since grown and expanded to also provide cinematography.

We’ve been a part of close to a thousand weddings over the years, which is totally wild. It’s incredible to think that we’ve seen the genesis of so many marriages.

We’ve collected lots of awards along the way, but the most rewarding feedback we receive is from our couples who have let us hang with them on their wedding day.

We like to work with people who trust us to do our thing, appreciate a laid back vibe, and are real. We’re just regular people who love making awesome images and films. Are you down with that?

Let’s do it.

Blueflash Award Badges Collage 2021