Bluecube Photobooth

Introducing the life of the party

Looking For a Good Time?

So are your guests. So give it to them! It’s easy – just invite the Bluecube to your wedding and it’s a win all around. You and your guests will have an awesome time taking photos together, everyone will get photostrips printed out on the spot, and you’ll get the entire gallery of photos to download when the event is over. What’s better than that?


How It Works

– Get your friends together
– Make faces of choice (repeat 3x)
– Get photo strips

Sound too easy? There are a few steps we left out – find some crazy props to use, laugh, contort your face strangely, have the most fun you ever had at a wedding, create awesome memories for the bride and groom, and so on…

It really is as simple as that. Once you kick off the sequence, a series of four photos begins. Each of the images shows up on the screen as soon as it’s taken for everyone to see. Once the four photos are finished, two identical photo strips are printed out in full color within 30 seconds. Your guests can take both, or you can have them take one and leave one for a scrapbook album. Shortly after the event all of the photos are available in your online gallery for easy sharing with friends and family.


What’s Included?

– Three hours of rental time (extra hours are available)
– Unlimited photos and unlimited prints for the full rental time
– Setup and breakdown services
– Box of awesome props for everyone to use
– Professional attendant to make sure everything goes smoothly all night long
– All photos in an online gallery for easy sharing with friends and family
– High-res files with full copyrights released to you
– The promise of being the life of the party
– Your legacy of having the awesomest event known to mankind


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you bring your photo booths?

Looking for a Rhode Island photo booth? Check. A Connecticut photo booth? Check again. A Massachusetts photo booth? One more check. We serve the tri-state area. We have GPS. We’ll get there.

What types of events can the Bluecube go to?

These things can go anywhere! Besides weddings, the our photo booth excels at any group events such as corporate parties, graduation parties, proms and dances, fraternity and sorority parties, charity events and fundraisers, grand openings, reunions, bar and bat mitzvahs, etc…

How far in advance do I have to book a photo booth?

The sooner the better, though we have three and are usually able to accommodate a last minute booking. Even if the date is close it’s always worth asking to see if we’ve got something available. What’ve you got to lose?!

Does your photo booth use a webcam?

No way. We have a professional DSLR inside so your photos come out at the highest quality possible.

How big is the photo booth?

If you’re able to keep a minimum space of 10’x10′ open on your floor plan then we can make it work. We’re happy in the corner, but we don’t recommend sticking us outside the main room. We’re not on your B list, are we?

What does the photo booth require from my venue?

All we need is a standard 120V plug receptacle within 30 feet of the setup spot.

Can we bring our own props?

Sure thing! Sometimes people have a theme they want to stick to. That’s totally cool with us, just let us know.

Is your photo booth open air or closed?

We have open air photo booths. The reason we made them this way is because there’s usually groups of people that want to get their photos taken together. Closed photo booths make it tough to fit a lot of people. Open air photo booth = more people = more fun. It was a no brainer.

Will an attendant be with the photo booth the whole time?

Yes, absolutely. The photo booth runs automatically but an attendant will be there the whole time to make sure everything is going smoothly and to answer any questions your guests might have.